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Alumni Hall of Fame

Shaker High School has many outstanding alumni whose lives bring credit to the North Colonie Central School District. The Shaker High School Alumni Hall of Fame provides a vehicle for the recognition of these individuals. Every year we look to expand our group of honorees and seek nominations for our Hall of Fame. We believe members of the Hall of Fame are role models who can inspire our students to continue the tradition of excellence which defines the North Colonie community.

Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

To be considered as a candidate for the Shaker High School Alumni Hall of Fame, an alumnus must:

  • be a graduate of Shaker High School
  • have graduated from Shaker High School at least five years prior to the nomination
  • have a record of outstanding achievement in his or her field
  • have made significant contributions to his or her field and/or the community at large, exhibit outstanding leadership, character and service to community

Nomination form See inductees

Voting Guidelines for Induction

The members of the Hall of Fame Committee will vote on the nominees. After ample information has been obtained to justify the consideration of the nominee for induction, the Hall of Fame Committee will vote on each nominee. The nominee in consideration shall be required to receive a majority (50% plus one) of votes based on the number of committee members to be inducted. (The tally of the votes shall remain confidential to the Hall of Fame Committee.)

Special Recognition Inductees

From time-to-time, individuals from the school and the community who have made outstanding contributions to Shaker High School will be considered for special recognition. Seven (7) affirmative votes by the Hall of Fame Committee will be required for this special recognition.

Class Reunion News

If you’re organizing a class reunion, email to post your information.

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