A message from Superintendent Corr to the Class of 2022

Dear Shaker High School Class of 2022,

It gives me great pleasure to address the graduating Class of 2022.

First of all, you did it! My heartfelt congratulations on this important accomplishment. I can say that our graduates continue to impress me – not only each year, but each day.

While I do not want this letter to be focused on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustices, or other national/global events, I must acknowledge that you have persevered through some incredibly challenging times. We must recognize that the last couple of years have been far from easy. Many of us have struggled. Perhaps, at times, graduation felt like it wouldn’t even happen. Yet here we are. Here YOU are.

This is a time to both reflect and move forward. I encourage you to take the time to sit and consider the past 13 years of your K-12 education. Remember the good times and the challenging ones. Take what you learned in and outside of the classroom and use those lessons moving forward. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and think about what’s next. What do you stand for? What will you do? Who will you become? How can you help make our world better?

Having a strong sense of self, knowing your values, and always upholding your integrity will allow you to feel comfortable with yourself and the decisions you make.

No matter where you go, remember to always keep close to your family and friends, for they will be your greatest resource and your strongest supporters, both in good times and bad.

I hope that many of the people you have encountered at SHS will continue to play prominent roles in your lives, whether they were your fellow classmates, teachers, administrators, or coaches. I want to thank your families, friends, our faculty, staff, and the entire North Colonie Community for helping you achieve this tremendous accomplishment.

We recently inducted five outstanding individuals into the Shaker High School Alumni Hall of Fame. Whether they’ve become an educator, a councilwoman, or a champion for people living with disabilities, they have paved a road to their own success. It was a privilege to hear about their achievements.

And now it’s your turn. We can’t wait to hear about your next chapter.

Congratulations Shaker High School Class of 2022!


D. Joseph Corr