Young Playwright Will See Work Come to Life

young student smiling for school pictureA play written by Maya TerryStein, a senior at Shaker, will be produced by the Capital Repertory Theatre this summer. The play is called ‘Our New Colossus’ and uses the Statue of Liberty poem by Emma Lazarus as the lens for exploring the tensions, anxieties, and dreams of four young immigrants surveying America.

“Congratulations to Maya. Her work shows us the power of the arts as a means of expression and exploration of complex ideas,” said Deputy Superintendent Kathleen Skeals.

Maya’s play was chosen for theREP’s 2020 Playwright Contest, for writers in the 13-19 age range. ‘Our New Colossus’ will receive a virtual reading later this spring in theREP’s 2021 Next Act! The play will be directed and performed by theatre professionals. In the summer, it will be professionally produced with the Summer Stage Young Acting Company.

Maya’s mother said, “winning the contest and receiving feedback from a professional theatre was a great validation for her, and inspired her to continue writing.” Shoshana Stein said her daughter has always been fascinated by the history of immigration. Maya finished writing her play on a trip to Barcelona. “Being in a foreign country, and feeling vulnerable shaped her writing,” Stein said. 

For other aspiring young playwrights, there is still time to submit an entry for the 2021 contest. The deadline is Friday, March 12. If you are interested, here are the details


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