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Update on classroom closures

| April 5, 2017

The district has received the results of air quality testing performed in two Shaker High School classrooms by Adirondack Environmental Service in Albany. The results of the testing show that no asbestos fibers were detected in the five air samples taken.

While no presence of asbestos was found in the air samples, district officials said the two classrooms will remain closed through the April school break to allow for remediation of the area where the minor asbestos disturbance occurred. The rooms will be reopened after the remediation work is completed and follow-up air testing indicates the room air quality meets Department of Labor and State Education Department standards.

“I want to thank our maintenance crew for their diligence and for their quick action yesterday,” said Superintendent Joseph Corr. “Thankfully, the tests came back negative; still, I commend our staff for taking the appropriate steps in the interest of health and safety for our students and staff.”

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