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Two Shaker seniors graduating with perfect attendance since kindergarten

| June 10, 2019

Every year, a few students will graduate with perfect attendance throughout high school. A couple may even have perfect attendance after leaving elementary school through graduation. But very few can boast of never missing a day of school from kindergarten to graduation.

The North Colonie Class of 2019 has two students who can make that claim.

Kayla Kilventon and Tyler Durivage pose for a pictureKayla Kilventon and Tyler Durivage are both graduating later this month with perfect attendance through thirteen years of schooling. The two never missed a day from their first day of school to their last. They even skipped their own Senior Skip Day to make sure their perfect attendance records would remain intact.

“It’s one of my proudest accomplishments,” said Kayla, adding she’ll definitely be using that as a fun fact when she meets new people in college.

“I knew I had been here every day,” said Tyler. “I was surprised that there were two of us. I thought I was the only one.”

Both students also credit their moms for making sure they went to school, especially in their elementary years when perfect attendance wasn’t even a thought in their heads. “I’m just glad my mom always made sure I went to school when I was younger in kindergarten and 1st grade,” Tyler said.

“I have to thank my mother for helping me out when I was younger,” Kayla said. “When it got to be junior year, it definitely became a goal to have perfect attendance.”

Both Kayla and Tyler encouraged the students following them to be in school as much as possible even if they aren’t going for perfect attendance. “There’s no reason to miss it,” said Tyler. “You’re not getting any benefit from missing.”

Other Shaker seniors being honored for perfect attendance records are:

Four Consecutive Years

  • Robert Ghayoori
  • Lily Jenkins
  • Nasiru Kotey
  • Haosen Tang

Five Consecutive Years

  • Brian Churchill
  • Joseph Pierson
  • Typhania Zanou

Seven Consecutive Years

  • Madison Austin
  • Alwin Tan

Nine Consecutive Years

  • Scott Ehlinger
  • Ashley McCormick

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