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Transportation Department achieves 100 percent NYSDOT bus inspection rate

| August 3, 2015


North Colonie bus mechanics

North Colonie bus mechanics achieve a 100 percent NYSDOT inspection rate for the third time in five years.

For the third time in five years, the North Colonie Transportation Department mechanics have achieved a 100 percent New York State Department of Transportation inspection rate. For the 2014-15 school year, 157 inspections were completed, and each one was perfect.

“It’s a remarkable achievement, because even with a headlight out, it’s not a perfect record,” said North Colonie Director of Transportation, John Myers.

During inspections, everything is checked over, including brakes, steering, lights and suspensions. North Colonie has a fleet of 74 busses, which travel 830,000 miles a year, transporting 5,600 children. Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Stanley Brackett, says in addition to the state inspections, busses are separately inspected all year along by North Colonie mechanics.

“It’s just part of the daily job,” said Brackett, who has 15 years of service with the district. “It’s nothing out of the ordinary; it’s just what we do.”

“It’s a testament to the commitment that our mechanic staff have to the safety of the buses and taking care of the kids,” added Myers. “Every mechanic understands who is on the bus, and they want to make sure when they put it out there, that bus will be safe and everything will work the way it’s supposed to.”

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