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Third grade student’s poem published in national poetry anthology

| May 12, 2015

Ivyann Shen, a third grade student at Southgate Elementary, enjoys writing in her free time, especially poetry. This past winter, Ivyann entered one of her poems in a contest, and recently received notification it has been selected for publication. Ivyann was one of ten kindergarten through third grade students who had poems selected for this honor. The poem will be published in the 2015 Spring Edition of Creative Publications Poetry Anthology. 

“Wishes on a Winter Night”

by Ivyann Shenn

I gaze out the white sequin window
at the icing covered wonderland,
nothing like the secure place that grasps me.

Visions of snow angels and snowmen
dance in my head,
waking my will to grab my coat, snow pants, and mittens.

I observe a fluffy squirrel outside,
trembling even under its blanket of soft fur,
searching for just one puny acorn.
Instead it finds itself buried in the deep snow,
cold and hungry in the bitter world that traps him.

I shoot the creature one last stare of pity
before turning towards the cluster of
loving people sitting cozily in the arm chairs,
laughter as sweet as bells
as they dive into a pleasant conversation.

They sip their sticky hot cocoa,
the small fire crackling and blazing
beside our looming fir tree adorned in lights
under the stars in the Christmas air.

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