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Supt. Corr welcomes back students, looks ahead to December capital project vote

| August 25, 2016

A letter from Superintendent Joseph Corr:

On behalf of the faculty and staff in North Colonie, I’d like to welcome you to the 2016-17 school year. As we enter a new year filled with promise, we are also faced with an ongoing increase in enrollment, as many continue to choose the North Colonie community to raise and educate their children. This presents a tremendous opportunity for the district to embark on a building project that will have profound positive effects on North Colonie students for decades to come. A date of December 15 has been set for a capital project vote that will allow for addition and renovation work throughout the district, with security updates made to all K-12 school buildings.

For decades, North Colonie has maintained its school facilities through transfer to capital fund projects, keeping all buildings in excellent condition despite being decades old. However, in order to stay relevant for 21st century learning, there is a need to make physical changes that will bring the district’s educational program delivery to an even higher standard. This need, coupled with the district’s increase in enrollment, makes now the right time to embark on this project.

In addition, North Colonie is currently receiving additional building aid due to the 2008 Maplewood annexation. For capital projects that are funded by long-term debt, building aid is based upon the aidability of the work and the aid ratio the district is assigned. The higher building aid ratio expires June 30, 2018. If building contracts are signed prior to that date, the higher aid ratio is locked in for the life of the bond. This will result in millions of dollars in potential savings for taxpayers.  To meet the June 30, 2018 goal, December 15, 2016 is when we plan to hold a community vote.

I believe we are headed in a direction that will have tremendous academic benefits for our current and future students in North Colonie. The opportunities that are ahead of us are exciting, and at the same time, imperative to being able to continue to foster one of the top educational environments in the state. I wish everyone a successful and healthy school year. May this one be the best one yet!

D. Joseph Corr 

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