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SJHS Geography Bee winner to compete at state level

| March 1, 2017
picture of superintendent with students

Superintendent D. Joseph Corr congratulates the eight finalists who participated recently in the school geography bee. He served as moderator of the event.

Update: SJHS school Geography Bee winner, Clay 8 student Dani Bhashyam, has qualified for the NYS Geography Bee Championship. He is one of only 100 students statewide to qualify, and will be competing on March 31 at the NYS Museum.  

Eight students competed for the opportunity to represent Shaker Junior High School at the New York State Geographic Bee by putting their knowledge to the test during the school’s geography bee in January.

To qualify for the building level bee, each of the contenders first had to win a block level geography bee in which they competed against several classmates. This year’s finalists included:

  • Colin Brant: Houston 7
  • Maaz Hassain: Norris 7
  • Azzam Ladkhan: Houston 7
  • Grace McManus: Houston 7
  • Dani Bhashyam: Clay 8 (First Place)
  • Shashank Garg: Calhoun 8
  • Surya Krishnakumar: Calhoun 8
  • Francis Marino: Calhoun 8
picture of student holding plaque

Eighth grader Dani Bhashyam outlasted seven of his peers to win the annual Geographic Bee at Shaker Junior High School.

Dani Bhashyam won the school championship, and will complete a written qualifying exam to determine whether he can compete at the state Geography Bee in March. Thanks to Superintendent Joe Corr for again serving as the moderator.

Congratulations to each of the students for their efforts in preparing for the competition!


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