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Special Education and Pupil Services


Our mission is to cultivate opportunities to engage in challenging, purposeful experiences in a supportive environment which promotes lifelong learning tailored to the individual needs of all our students. As a collaborative team of teachers, families, administrators, and staff, we will work together to foster students’ independence as they grow to become empowered contributors to society.

Specialized Training Materials for Students with Disabilities

Contact Information

View contact information for psychologists, therapists, specialists and social workers assigned to specific buildings.

Information by School

Preschool-Aged Children

Tia Pressey
Assistant Director of Pupil Services
CPSE Chairperson
CSE Co-Chairperson
518-785-8591, ext. 3149

Jasmine Carr
Secretary to Tia Pressey and CPSE Secretary
518-785-8591, ext. 3150

Social, Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD) with an Equity Lens

Alicia Holt
Director of SEAD with an Equity Lens

Natélegé Turner-Hassell
Director of SEAD with an Equity Lens