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Southgate’s Author Day Features Nonfiction Author Nancy Castaldo

| November 8, 2018

Author Nancy Castaldo speaks with Southgate studentsAuthor Nancy Castaldo speaks with Soughgate studentsOn November 8, 2018, Southgate School hosted author Nancy Castaldo, thanks to the generosity of the Southgate P.T.A. The school library was the setting for the day; Nancy Castaldo met with classes throughout the day and had lunch with a group of fifth graders during which they discussed reading and writing. Educated as a scientist, Nancy described how she always loved reading and writing and published her first story in Seventeen magazine when she was in high school. Nancy is also the photographer of her nonfiction books on endangered animals, other wildlife, the environment, and working dogs.

Author Nancy Castaldo has lunch with Southgate studentsNancy described her background, how she became a writer, and compared the writing, illustrating, and editing process to baking a cake, from the recipe to the icing to the enjoyment of the finished product. Nancy complimented the students on the many excellent questions they had written during Library classes that were displayed on the library windows for her visit.

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