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Grade 3 Supply List

Dear Parents of Incoming Third Graders,

We are looking forward to working with your child next year in third grade. The Open House meeting in September will be here before we know it. It will be an opportunity for all of us to get acquainted with one another.

For your convenience, we have put together a list of supplies that will be needed in the fall. We are requesting specific items because of Southgate’s goal to aid students to build their organization skills.

  • Five (5) composition notebooks
  • Six (6) PLASTIC take home folders with pockets (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange)
  • One (1) package of WHITE loose-leaf paper
  • Two (2) packages of PRE-SHARPENED #2 pencils with eraser caps (No mechanical pencils please)
  • One (1) hand-held pink eraser
  • One (1) box thick markers
  • Crayons (no more than 24)
  • One (1) box baby wipes
  • One (1) tube sock to use as an eraser
  • One (1) box colored pencils
  • One (1) set of inexpensive headphones in a Ziploc bag labeled with child’s name to use with the Chromebooks

The following are always welcomed and appreciated:

  • Glue sticks
  • Tissues
  • Dry erase markers

We realize that school supplies can be expensive, so please feel free to use items you may already have at home.

Please write your child’s name on folders and notebooks.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


Third Grade Teachers