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SJHS students participate in 2018 RPI Science Fair

| April 13, 2018

26 individuals stand in front of a white wall behind a brown folding table

This year, 26 Shaker Junior High School (SJHS) eighth graders were among more than 150 area middle and high school students from the greater Capital Region at the 25th Annual Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 21. The daylong event, which included students from more than 20 regional schools, was held on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) campus in the Walker Laboratory building.

Working alone or in teams of up to three, students showcased their research in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They were encouraged to focus on original research by working with mentors and/or teachers from the scientific community within the greater Capital Region. The students then used a storyboard to present their research to a panel of judges comprised of scientists and engineers.

The event is coordinated by the Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair, Inc., with help from the Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS). 

Over 15 of the SJHS students who participated earned awards ranging from the Albany Molecular Research Award to the Association of Women Geoscientists Award.

Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication!

Following are the students along with the titles of their research projects and awards:

Clay 8

Srikar Mikkelineni & Shubham Yadav

  • Project: Is a Mindstorm Robot more efficient solving a Rubik’s Cube than a human?

Labesh Baral & Harrison Fazzone

  • Project: Can Google Trends be used to predict outbreaks of various diseases around the world?
  • Award: Second Honorable Mention

Houston 8

Sarah Biazon

  • Project: How Does Vegetation Affect the Rate of Erosion?
  • Award: Association of Women Geoscientists Award

Hannah Byun & Hyerin (Helen) Park  

  • Project: What is the Rate of Water Flow Through Different Size Sediments?
  • Award: Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award

Sana Fazlani 

  • Project: How Does Soda Affect the Rate of Weathering of Limestone?

Alexa LaBella

  • Project: What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Bacteria in Your Washing Machine?

Azzam Ladkham

  • Project: Natural or Synthetic Antibiotics: Which One Is The Better Option?
  • Award: Momentive Performance Materials Award

Louis Meunier

  • Project: What is the Best Ice- Melting Material, and What Are the Main Benefits Behind Using This Material?
  • Award:  Albany Molecular Research Award

Sohan Pattanaik

  • Project: How Does Aging, Heating and Radiation Affect the Concentration of Vitamin C in Orange Juice?

Norris 8

Zaid Ashar

  • Project: Smarter Farming with Aerial Photo Analysis
  • Award: US Navy and Marine Corps Medal

Avi Bagchi

  • Project: How does the Position of the Vermiform Appendix vary by Race?

Ayaan Bargeer

  • Project: A View of a Word Hacker
  • Award:
    • US Navy and Marine Corps Medal
    • Junior Division First Place Grand Prize ($300), invitation to STANYS State Science Congress, invitation to SSP National Broadcom Masters

Jason Giambertone

  • Project: Disease Outbreaks Related to Mosquitoes
  • Award: SI Group Smart Chemistry Award ($100)

Maaz Hussain

  • Project: Testing the Decomposition and Biodegradability of Multiple brands of Disposable Bags
  • Award: National Grid Award for Energy and the Environment Award ($50)

Grace Keniry

  • Project: What is the best form of Sun Protection?
  • Award: Regeneron Award ($175)

Dylan Mattison

  • Project: 5 Ways to Purify Water

Olivia Papa

  • Project: What types of Fabrics are Resistant to UV Light?

Sahu Sagar

  • Project: Can Biofuel made from Organic Waste and Yeast Fermentation be the Next Energy Source?
  • Award: STANYS Eleanor Miller Reed Science Research Award ($50)

Victoria Swider

  • Project: Will Different Barriers Effectively Contain Slime Mold?
  • Award: American Society for Microbiology Award ($50)

Calhoun 8

Patrick Dai

  • Project: Measuring the Speed of Light Through Different Densities of Gelatin
  • Award: Regional Award Dudley Observatory

Aditri Gupta

  • Project: Which Type of Organic Waste Produces the Most Amount of Biogas?
  • Award: Junior Division Grand Prize

Amy Nadeau

  • Project: Mangrove versus Man-Made Barrier
  • Award:  Intel ISEF Award – US Navy

Viraj Parihar

  • Project: How Can You Convert Salt Water into Drinkable Water?

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