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SJHS French students medal in national exam

| May 10, 2019
National French Exam Medalists

National French Exam Medalists

Congratulations to 73 Shaker Junior High French IR students in Madame Tucci’s classes, who took the National French Exam and earned either medals or honorable mention certificates. The Grand Concours is developed annually by the American Association of Teachers of French. Over 18,000 students take the exam in Level 1 nationwide each year, which includes multiple-choice questions covering listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar in context, and reading comprehension. Those whose scores represent the top scores nationally are considered Lauréats Nationaux and receive a certificate and a prestigious national Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze award. 


Katherine Conjalka


Aditi Agni, Lauren Curley, Andrew Kang, Lilla Korniss, Grace Landy, Sophia Rayburn, Steven Sadek, Shashank Salgam, Shivangi Verma


Andrey Borceanu, Alex Brunco, Abigail Geffrey, Gabby Karins, Lucy Lee, Thomas Lindhurst, Bret Lortie, Stela Loshi, Gabriella Makoyi, Prapti Mishra, Ben Montimurro, Diya Patel, Janna Pervaiz, Shashank Sekhar, Shrilakshiya Sudhakar, Vivian Tran, Hannah Yu, Jason Zhang, Theresa Zhang, Toby Zheng

National French Exam Medalists and Honorable Mentions

National French Exam Medalists and Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

Caleb Alemu, Varun Appelanani, Riley Appel, Joshua Bassett, Blake Blodgett, Samantha Bogert, Georges Boutros, Catalina Boutros, Bryan Chae, Grace Cometti, Grace Commisso, Shannon Criscione, Mason Dils, Ishrar Eusha, Nathaniel Fesel, Bibi Florestal-Désir, Alexia Folmsbee, Isabel Fowler, Carson Gallagher, Claire Gordon, Emily Guba, Ben Halek, Nahian Huda, Sorfina Khan, Jerod Lamothe, Hannah Leone, Brian Li, Francesca Logrippo, Skymina Medici, Kelcy Murray, Leah Nehme, Sarah Owusu, Jillian Pierone, Pranav Puviarasu, Joshua Ryan, Ava Schweigert, Sahil Shahzad, Nathalie Sullivan, Danica Thomes, Aarya Tyagi, Jameson Vincent

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