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Sixth graders “knitters” make hats & scarves for those in need

| March 26, 2018
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Mrs. Wynne’s sixth grade “knitters”

Meet Mrs. Wynne’s Boght Hills sixth graders; “North Colonie Kids Care” March 2018 feature.

This year Boght Hills Sixth Grade Teacher Diane Wynn decided to introduce her students to the art of knitting and formed a knitting club. By doing so, they were able to give back to those in need. 

Knitting is the art in which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric for the use of many different types of garments. In this case, the sixth graders made multiple hats and scarfs, and together they knitted squares to make one big blanket.

“Everyone was able to make a square for the blanket,” said Sixth Grader Rachel Dwyer. “It was fun to do a group project.”

A lot of times, one would use what is called a knitting needle or knitting pin to make multiple loops of yarn otherwise known as stitches. However, Boght Hills students preferred to use a much less technical technique: finger knitting.

“Finger knitting was fun, I didn’t know it was possible,” said Sixth Grader Mark Cannistraci. “My grandmother knits and I always assumed you needed to do it with a needle.” 

The idea came from Wynn when she donated items to the Joseph’s House in Troy, a not for profit corporation that provides emergency shelter, street outreach, and support services to homeless and formerly homeless individuals. While there, she discovered that there was a major need for donated winter attire. Wynn decided that along with her sixth grade students, they would be able to make some to donate.

Wynne and her students spent whatever free periods they had, like recess, study hall and homeroom, to knit the scarves and hats.

“Not only is the knitting fun,” said Dwyer. “But I like knowing I am going to give it to someone who needs it.”

“It’s a good way to spend our time,” said Cannistraci. “We don’t always realize how much we have and it’s good when we are able to give a hat to someone who doesn’t have one.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Wynne’s sixth grade “knitters” for being recognized as North Colonie Kids Care recipients for March!

Mrs. Wynne’s Knitters:

  • Parry Abram
  • Sana Bargeer
  • Lucas Bell
  • Ryan Berdar
  • Vanessa Bermejo
  • Caroline Brown
  • Natalie Bullington
  • Mark Cannistraci
  • Ava Celeone
  • John DiMarino
  • Jackson Doolittle
  • Cailin Drake
  • Nick Duncan
  • Leina Dunn
  • Rachel Dwyer
  • Miles Ehrlich
  • Selma Fabregas
  • Tessa Forcucci
  • Naomi Gaddy
  • Aidan Garland
  • Sanvi Gawad
  • Tyler Groeber
  • Anshu Gusain
  • Sam Harkavy
  • Shannon Hockford
  • Cai-Lin Hughes
  • Alyssa Kearns
  • Elizabeth Koa
  • Olivia Liang
  • Diego Luna
  • Samantha Morlitz
  • Amalan Narashimman
  • Sami Neyazy
  • Annabelle O’Connor
  • Bradely Penker
  • Jayden Pheonix
  • Cesia Pino-Mercado
  • Ashvin Puri
  • Madelyn Rempel
  • Lola Shippey
  • Abhinav Thati
  • Ruby Travis
  • Rohith Tummalapalli
  • Henry Unser
  • Andrew VanVranken
  • Evie Vincelette
  • Angelina Wu
  • Catherine Yang

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