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SHS students participate in mock election

| November 7, 2016
SHS students casting their mock vote for the 2016 Presidential election.

SHS students cast their mock vote for the 2016 Presidential election.

On Friday, Nov. 4, senior student volunteers and the Social Studies department hosted a school wide mock presidential election for all students, faculty, and staff. Out of 1,966 Shaker students, 1,064 participated. The results are as follows for the student voters:

  • Clinton: 45.3 %
  • Trump: 34.4 %
  • Stein: 8.08 %
  • Johnson: 11.18 %

The election was designed to mimic the “real” voting experience as closely as possible. Each person was assigned a specific polling place at which to vote during his or her free time.m The ballot was formatted to imitate the New York state ballot and was counted by machine with the assistance of the Information Technology department.  

For people unable to vote on Friday, absentee ballots were available throughout the week prior. During the weeks leading up to Election Day, senior student volunteers created informational ads to play during the daily morning broadcast, publicized the event through signs and announcements, staffed the polling places, and oversaw the electronic vote count. Click here for more photos of the event.

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