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SHS STEM outreach club works with Blue Creek students

| May 30, 2019

SHS students posing with Blue Creek students after the STEM eventThe SHS STEM outreach club recently worked with a group of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Blue Creek. Approximately 30 students met on four separate occasions to engage in STEM activities planned and implemented by the SHS club members.

The culminating activity asked groups of students to use the engineering process they learned to create a car propelled by a balloon. The groups were given basic household items such as water bottles, rubber bands, Playdough, straws, tape, CD’s, etc. They were able to test and redesign their vehicles in collaboration with their peers and high school mentors.

“There are no words to describe how exciting it was to see the level of engagement and excitement by all of the students involved,” said club advisors Renata Relyea and Laura Salinetti. “At the end of our last gathering, students were exclaiming how much fun they had as well as earnestly asking to take part in this club again next year.”

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