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SHS seniors show commitment to their peers through writing center

| June 22, 2018

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Meet the Shaker High School Writing Center Lead Consultants; “North Colonie Kids Care” June 2018 feature.

Over the past year, six Shaker High School seniors – Vicky Kalpaxis, Michael Gassett, Julianna Wolf, Andrew Bennett, Alina Mufti and Francesca Lanni – have devoted countless hours to the Writing Center with the goal of creating better writers at the forefront.

These students have turned the Writing Center from a place focused on the dissection of words, to a place where the focus is instead on the discussion of ideas. In fact, the Shaker High School Writing Center has become a safe place for students to go and get a sense of the impact their words have and to develop their ideas.

These writing consultants not only have the experience, the resources, and the strategies to make an impact – they also have a love of writing.

“I love to write and being able to inspire others to love writing is awesome,” said Julianna Wolf, a Shaker High School senior and Co-President of the Writing Center.

However, this group of students are not only writing consultants according to Writing Center adviser Siobhan Matrose. They are, instead, champions of the notion that a students idea and writing matters. 

“They have helped to shape the culture of learning and writing in the school,” said Matrose. “They are engaging their peers in meaningful conversations about writing on a daily basis.”

“We have the opportunity to help people feel more confident in themselves through their writing and that’s a pretty big deal,” said Wolf.

On top of volunteering free time at the Center these students have led various projects including organizing peer feedback models for the Young Writers Program, supporting high school English classes’ participation in the National Day on Writing, creating an ELL game club in order to create a safe place for ELL students to increase their social and verbal interactions with their peers, initiating a science writing workshop, and supporting high school students as they tested their words and ideas.

“These students have dedicated themselves to their work in order to help make every student’s learning experience more authentic,” said Matrose.

Since these six students are on their way to graduation and off to college in the fall, what’s next for the Writing Center? Pop in and see! The Writing Center is open to writers of all grade levels, in all subject areas, and at all skill levels. Check out the Writing Center website for more information.

These students will be recognized at the June 25 Board of Education meeting. Congratulations to Vicky, Michael, Julianna, Andrew, Alina and Francesca for being recognized as North Colonie Kids Care recipients for June! 

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