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SHS seniors give Engineering Capstone Final Presentations

| June 22, 2017

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On Thursday, June 22, the seniors in Shaker High School’s Engineering Capstone Program presented projects, that they had developed over the course of a year, to a panel of judges.

Each of the student teams that presented engaged in researching a particular engineering challenge of their choosing since April 2016. They then worked on an Engineering abstract, justification paper and prototype. At the final presentation, they presented a final summary of their research and demonstrated their engineering prototype. 

The goal of the Shaker Engineering Capstone course is to provide those students, who are considering a career in Engineering, an opportunity to explore by utilizing their technical and scholastic knowledge to address an Engineering problem. The experience is designed to not only enhance their knowledge base, but to assist them in making an informed decision regarding their college and career plans.

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The 2016-17 Engineering Capstone teams & projects were as follows:

  • Allie Lajeunesse & Wenny Miao – they created an Automated Medication Distribution and Alert System for Independently Living Seniors that aims to ease the lives of seniors and their families by aiding medication use
  • Jackson Gee & Joseph Von Holten – they created a Snow Removal System for VMS Solar Panels that greatly increases the efficiency of solar powered VMS systems by removing the need for manual repair
  • Zach Flood & Dan Levchenko – they created a Solar Glider for Enhanced Beach Surveillance and Threat Detection which would increase the safety of waterfront locations by offering advanced surveillance 
  • Richard Sitterly & Rahul Akkem – they created A Vacuum Flask Emergency Food Preservation for Refrigerators that would help to prevent food spoilage in third-world countries due to the lack of electricity
  • Nick Edwards & Chris Calicchia – they created an Insulation Blanket for the Detection and Prevention of Hot Water Heater Flooding which would detect and help to prevent expensive flood damage to homes from hot water tank failure
  • Daniel Scott Bowers & Sami Dawood – they created a Dual Purpose Hydroponic Infused Garden System for the Elderly that would provide a meaningful and low cost solution to yielding fresh produce year round while providing comfort to the elderly
  • Joshua Dimailing & Chathuranga Perera  they created a Virtual Meaningful Engagement for the Elderly which provides the elderly with meaningful engagement through use of hand-held technology, trivia questions, and QR code technology


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