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SHS October Newsletter

| October 3, 2018

Table of Contents

OpeningSchool VisionStudents’ Attendance in ExaminationsVisitorsSHS Club FairClass of 2019 National Merit Semi-FinalistsMusic NewsArt NewsConstitution DayBona FideHealth OfficeSchool Resource OfficerSHS Breakfast ProgramAfter-School/Bus Pass SystemSchool Closing InformationEqual Employment InformationNotice to Parents of Shaker High School StudentsBoard of Education MeetingsCongratulations to 2017-18 AthletesParent PortalDistrict InsuranceShaker High School StoreShaker High School Administrative TeamP.T.S.A.Student Government Cinderella’s ClosetAnnual Notice of the Availability of the District Emergency Management PlanProject S.A.V.E.Veteran’s Day Ceremony


The start of the year has been a good one for our students. Ninth graders are learning how to find their way in the high school. Twelfth graders are beginning to formalize their postgraduate plans. All of our students are beginning to organize their days in terms of time commitment and schedule. Time is a precious commodity that is taken up mostly by students’ classes and studies. Students do have free time that they need to decide how to use. For many of our students, “free time” is devoted to extracurricular activities or interscholastic sports. Many of our students work or volunteer in the community. No matter what students’ interests may be, it is important that they begin to learn to develop a balance of worthwhile activities for themselves. At Shaker High School, over 70% of our students are involved in extracurricular activities or sports. Students are given the opportunity for self-development outside their classroom. These interests and activities will follow them when they leave Shaker High School. Adjustment to high school, college, or employment is better supported when individuals have a healthy balance of time and activities in their lives. I encourage all of our students to look to their school, community, and family to find their own interests and healthy balance of time in their lives.

School Vision

Our enduring vision is, and will continue to be, to maintain a safe, wholesome school environment – one that constantly improves our comprehensive educational system which promotes systematic advocacy by providing opportunities, support services, and instruction of the highest quality and value for all students. There-fore, we have developed programs designed to enable all of our students to succeed academically and socially, as well as be prepared for the demands of the global work place. To that end, students need to understand the fundamental principles of economics and economic systems. They must acquire this necessary knowledge in order to be contributing and successful citizens in a democratic society. To achieve these goals, they must become independent learners, mastering core academic and technological skills. This mastery will enable them to solve problems and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. We must also encourage Shaker students to foster life-long reading and critical thinking habits, as well as gain knowledge of a foreign language and the fine arts. Lastly, they should learn to embrace healthy lifestyles and activities, exercise civility and self-discipline, demonstrate respect for others, make sound decisions, and take reasonable responsibility for their education.

Students’ Attendance in Examinations

Students enrolled in courses for which there are mid-term or final examinations are responsible for taking tests on given dates and times. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each exam period and phone calls will be made to verify each absence. The scheduling of personal appointments, vacations, or meeting obligations other than those of an emergency nature shall not constitute a valid reason for missing an exam and will result in a grade of zero. Valid reasons include illness or injury con-firmed by a physician’s note; death in family; court appearance confirmed by court documentation; or placement in a facility. Notification to hall principal and/or department supervisor is mandatory. Stu-dents and parents must make every effort to schedule mandatory college orientation/placement exams during non-testing periods. If a student is going to attend a mandatory college orientation/placement exam during a testing period, the parents and college must provide documentation explaining the reason(s) for this request. Eligibility for make-up exams will be determined by the hall principal and department supervisor. Once the absence has been approved, the Department Supervisor will contact the student to reschedule the exam. If arrangements for make-up exams have not been made prior to the conclusion of the exam schedule, those unscheduled students shall receive an exam grade of zero. Regents exams and RCTs distributed by the State cannot be rescheduled. These exams must be given at the designated times. Students who arrive late to an exam should report to their scheduled exam room. Their exam will end at the normally scheduled ending time. No additional time will be allowed.

For security reasons, valuables should not be brought to any exam room during formal and/or in-class periods. Valuables may include, but are not limited to hats, books, purses, backpacks, coats, and electronic devices. Shaker High School is not responsible for lost or stolen items; therefore, we recommend that only items needed for the specific exam be brought into the testing area.

The following will be read to all students prior to all midterm and final exams:

  • “You may not use any communications device while taking an examination. Devices include, but are not limited to CD and audio cassette players, radios, cell phones, pagers, MP3 players, Personal Digital Assistants, video devices, and associated headphones, headsets, microphones, or earplugs. If your cell phone rings, you may not look at it or answer it. If your pager beeps or vibrates, you may not look at it. You must, therefore, turn off these devices right now and secure them underneath your desk, away from you and your desktop. No cell phones or other electronic devices may remain on your per-son. If your cell phone should ring or your pager should beep during an exam, you must raise your hand to indicate to a proctor that the phone or pager needs to be turned off by the proctor. You may not, under any circumstances, touch or look at the cell phone or electronic device. Doing so will be considered use of the device and your exam may be invalidated.”


Visitors are expected to call for an appointment prior to coming to Shaker High School. When the appointment is confirmed, the name of the visitor will be placed in the log that is located on the desk at the main entrance. When visitors arrive, they are expected to sign in, list their destination and the person with whom they are meeting, and present a picture ID. Your cooperation is appreciated.

SHS Club Fair

SHS Club Fair will be held on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 during Period 6.

Class of 2019 National Merit Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 National Merit Semi-Finalists! The National Merit Semi-Finalists for the class of 2019 are: Anna Asch, Ansel Asch, Samuel Dvorak, Robert Kang, Nikhil Mehta, Alexander Myers, Lakshmi Tumati, Kevin Zhai, Olivia Zhou.

Music News

Please mark your calendar with the following Shaker High School concert dates:

Monday, December 3: Jazz Ensemble, 9-10 Orch., 9-10 Chorus, Blue Symphonic Band
Monday, December 17: White Symphonic Band, World Percussion, Dixieland Jazz, Bella Voce, 8VA, Counterpoint Strings, Shaker Select
Thursday, December 20: Wind Ensemble, 11-12 Orchestra, 11-12 Chorus
Tuesday, March 5: 9-10 Orchestra, Dixieland Jazz, 9-10 Chorus, Both Symphonic Bands
Wednesday, March 6: Wind Ensemble, Bella Voce, Counterpoint Strings, 8VA, 11-12 Orchestra
Monday, March 11: Jazz Ensemble, Shaker Select, World Percussion, 11-12 Chorus
Thursday, May 30: Jazz Ensemble, Bella Voce, 8VA, Blue Symphonic Band
Monday, June 3: White Symphonic Band, Shaker Select, 11-12 Orchestra
Wednesday, June 5: World Percussion, Counterpoint Strings, Wind Ensemble, 11-12 Chorus
Monday, June 10: Dixieland Jazz, 9-10 Orchestra, 9-10 Chorus

Record Number of SHS Students Chosen for All-State Music

Congratulations to nine SHS students who were chosen by the New York State School Music Association to perform in the All-State Festival this December in Rochester: Emma Commisso, Soprano in the Treble Chorus; Sam Dvorak, Bass in the Mixed Chorus; Carina Gregori Asadourian, Soprano in the Treble Chorus; Ian Justino, Tenor in the Mixed Chorus; Mary Lorini, Clarinet in the Wind Ensemble; Pauline Meunier, Alto in the Treble Chorus; Tiffany Tang, Violin in the Symphony Orchestra; Allison Woodhouse, Soprano in the Mixed Chorus; Kevin Zhai, Bass Trombone in the Symphonic Band; as well as eight alternates: Andrew Bae on Cello, Yurim Chae on Violin, Joseph Green on Jazz Bass, Aarya Kaushik on Voice and Jazz Voice, Alice Lee on Voice, Kayla Na on Cello, and Olivia Zhou on Cello.

Thousands of students auditioned for this honor last spring at Solo and Ensemble Festivals throughout the state. This is the highest number of Shaker High School students ever accepted into All-State performing groups, a great honor for the district. The All-State ensembles will perform on Sunday, December 2nd in Rochester NY.

Art News

This year the Department of Art & Design faculty will continue to share student artwork beyond the walls of the upper G wing Gallery with exhibits in the school and local community including displays in the main lobby, town library and district central office. Several juried regional exhibitions also receive the fine artwork of our students annually.

Through October, a collection of K-12 student work is featured at the NYS School Boards Association office building in their Dodge Gallery in Latham.

Our Society of Student Artists club will soon be promoting a number of extracurricular arts activities open to all. Most noteworthy will be the application process for the new National Art Honor Society beginning this year at Shaker HS.

Constitution Day

With educational programs designed to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the United States Constitution, the Social Studies Department at Shaker High School recognizes the importance of this historical document. It was on September 17, 1787 that the delegates in Philadelphia signed the Constitution, creating one of the most enduring legacies of liberty, justice, and equality. Constitution Day is celebrated every September 17.

Bona Fide

Bona Fide (means “in good faith” in Latin), is a program to recognize the volunteer efforts of Shaker students. Each high school year, a student should complete 50 volunteers hours from July to June. In Senior Year, after completing 200 hours, each student is required to submit a self reflection in order to receive a graduation cord. For more information, please contact Mr. Couture at or visit

Health Office

NYS Education Law requires that every 9th and 11th grader/new student have a health physical, and a written appraisal of that examination be submitted to the Health Office. The health physical shall not be more than 12 months prior to the beginning of the school year in which the examination is required, so health physicals will be accepted from Sept. 2017, and shall be submitted within 30 days after the student’s entrance; 11th graders/new students will be screened for vision and hearing; 9th grade boys for scoliosis.

New orders and parental permission for all medication are required to be written after July 1, for the upcoming school year. NYS Law no longer allows students to carry any medications other than emergency medications (inhalers/epipens). You may print the medication form and the emergency health care plan from the North Colonie website or we will accept your physician’s prescription. Medication Orders may be faxed to the Health Office at 518-785-2767. All medication must be brought to the Health Office in the original, unopened container by a parent/guardian. If your child no longer requires the use of an inhaler or epipen, please send us a note from your doctor stating the medication has been discontinued.

Please note that your child may not participate on any athletic teams or off-campus field trips/activities if we do not receive a Doctor’s Order allowing your child to use and carry their inhaler or epipen.

Signing Students Out for Health Reasons: The following information is offered to provide parents with a clear understanding of how to sign their child out of the health office: All parents of students grades9-11 will be expected to sign out their child from the health office when their child is ill. Parents will be instructed to go to the health office to sign out the student. The hall principal will make the decision regarding any extenuating circumstances. Seniors who are medically able to walk home, drive or leave on their own will still be allowed to do so with parent permission. Parents who contact the health office with unscheduled medical appointment requests will be forwarded to the appropriate hall office to sign out their child. In the case of students with special needs who may have physical or medical issues, the student may be brought to the parent for convenience by the appropriate staff person. The staff person will be asked to have the parent sign out the student at the door.

School Resource Officer

It Is a pleasure to welcome School Resource Officer Tony Sidoti to Shaker High School. Officer Sidoti is a veteran of the Colonie police force. He will be a regular presence at our school. He is excited about the opportunity to become a member of the school community supporting students.

SHS Breakfast Program

Start your day with breakfast at Shaker High School. Each morning school breakfast will be offered from 7:00 am until 10:30 am. This includes mid-morning break. School breakfast includes; fruit and/or juice, cereal/bread/grain (protein may be substituted for a grain) and a milk selection. Items such as bagels, egg sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, cereals, breakfast bars, milk and other specials are available each day.

The School Breakfast Program is available to all students every weekday morning. No advanced registration is necessary; your child can attend every day or only occasionally. Cost of a school breakfast for paying students is $2.05 and free for those qualifying for the free and reduced meal program. During Mid-Morning break, students who are eligible for free or reduced breakfast may participate. School breakfast offers a variety of foods each day, which are both tasty and nutritious.

School Breakfast is an ideal solution on mornings when kids are running late or parents have early commitments. Whatever the reason, if breakfast at home is not convenient, please take advantage of breakfast here at school.

Thank you for helping us make sure that all of our students start the school day alert, well fed, and ready to learn.

After-School/Bus Pass System

As we enter a new school year, I would like to report that through the support and efforts of our faculty and staff we had a another successful year using the after-school pass system. Beginning Monday, September 17 of this school year, teachers began issuing passes to all students who remain in the building after 2:17 for school-sponsored activities.

Students must show their after-school pass to the bus driver in order to ride the 3:55 p.m. late bus. Note: There will be no longer be a 5:00 pm bus run. We encourage students to stay after school for school-sponsored activities, but they must be here for a valid reason. Students who remain after school for invalid reasons must obtain a pass from an administrator in order to ride the bus. These students will be issued a pass, but an appropriate disciplinary consequence will follow.

As was the procedure last year, coaches will provide student-athletes with seasonal stickers to be placed on their student ID. The stickers replace the students’ need for a pass. Athletes must show their I.D., with the sticker, to the bus driver in order to ride the bus, or to a staff member to allow them to remain after school. It is required that every athlete – grades 9 through 12 – carry his/her student I.D. with the sticker visible. Club advisors will use laminated passes which indicate the day of the week and period of time that club meets.

Students who have received a pass and are waiting for the late buses must report immediately to LaFollette Dining Room. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to con-tact Mrs. Fox at ext. 3399.

School Closing Information

The North Colonie Central School District notifies the following radio stations and local TV stations of emergency closing information due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions: Radio: WGY (810 AM), WFLY (92.3 FM), WYJB (95.5 FM), WRVE (99.5 FM). TV: WRGB (Channel 6), WTEN (Channel 10), WNYT (Channel 13), Fox News (Channel 23), and Capital News 9 (Channel 9). If you have signed up for an SNN account, information will be sent directly to your email and cell phone (if desired). As of September 2018, a new emergency notification system, School Messenger, has replaced SNN (School News Notifier). School Messenger will provide parents and community members with important announcements and alerts via email, text messages and phone calls. All parents will be automatically connected to School Messenger through Infinite Campus. If you are a parent of a child that currently attends the school district, and do not have an Infinite Campus account, please contact your child’s school.

Equal Employment Information

The North Colonie Central School District hereby advises students, parents, employees and the general public that it offers equal employment and educational opportunities, including vocational education opportunities, without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, marital status, genetic disposition, or HIV or hepatitis carrier status. Equality of opportunity in employment shall include hiring, firing, wages and salaries, promotion, or any terms, conditions or privileges of employment.

Inquiries regarding this nondiscrimination policy may be directed to the Title IX (Discrimination) Compliance Officer at the NCCSD Central Office, (518) 785-8591, or the Section 504 (Disabled) Compliance Officer, David Semo, at Shaker High School, Latham, New York 12110, telephone (518) 785-5511, ext. 3333. Procedures and forms related to the established grievance procedures may be obtained from the appropriate compliance officer.

Notice to Parents of Shaker High School Students

In accordance with the requirements of the federal regulation known as AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act), the school district has conducted inspections and developed management plans for each of the district’s schools. These management plans are available for your review during regular business hours at the individual schools. Included in these management plans is information regarding AHERA inspections, operations and maintenance, period surveillance and response action activities. It is the intention of the North Colonie Central School District to comply with all federal and state regulations controlling asbestos and to take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure students and employees have a healthy and safe environment in which to learn and work. For information contact Mr. Alan Levitus at the Maintenance Department at (518) 785-5771.

Board of Education Meetings

October 22, 2018 Loudonville Elementary School
November 19, 2018 Forts Ferry Elementary School
December 17, 2018 Central Office Mtg. Rm.

All meetings start at 7:30 PM, except as indicated. Prior to each monthly meeting, the Board will meet informally with the public at 7:15 p.m.

Committee meetings, which begin at 7:30 p.m., will be held on Mondays and Thursdays. Please confirm actual dates of committee meetings with the district calendar, Central Office (785-8591), and the North Colonie School District website:

Congratulations to 2017-18 Athletes

For the 2017-2018 school year, Shaker High School had 26 teams qualify for Scholar/Athlete recognition.


Shaker All Sports Booster Club: The last fall meeting is scheduled for 10/10 at 6:30 pm in the SHS Media Center. Scheduled meetings for the winter season are 11/28 & 1/23. Volunteers are always needed. Contact Shaker Athletic Office at 518-785-5511, ext 3351.

Sports Physicals: The next date for sports physicals given by our school doctor is Wednesday, October 24, 5:30 p.m., at Latham Pediatrics in the Capital Region Health Park, 711 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham. See one of our school nurses.

Winter Sports Sign Up will be posted on the web by the end of September. Winter sports will begin on November 5, 2018.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education Program is going through a huge transformation this school year. After a year of planning and preparation, we have launched our new Performance Fitness program. This course will be taught by new teachers ZaQuan Irby and Sarah Currier in the newly remodeled F gym. The course, which is open to 9-12 graders, covers topics such as proper lifting techniques, injury prevention, power, agility, speed, reaction time, coordination and balance. In addition to this course, our former fitness center has been transformed into a multi-purpose room which will be utilized by all of our other course offerings with an emphasis on Lifetime activities, Functional Fitness and Wellness. The former Adaptive PE/cardio room is now a dedicated cardio studio and Adaptive PE has moved to a newly remodeled space that was formerly the Business office. The PE Conference Room is currently undergoing renovations to double in size and functionality with upgrades to Instructional Technology. This space will serve as a classroom for our PE classes as well as a small group meeting space. Our students, faculty, staff and community are all very excited and appreciative for these changes and looking forward to an exciting future for our department.

Parent Portal

If you have not yet done so, parents may now register to use the Parent Portal for their children at the SHS Main Office (785-5511, ext. 3301). No appointment is necessary. Registration is available during the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. You will need to bring your driver’s license with you. If your children attend multiple schools in our District, you only need to register once. If you have previously registered for one child, your access will be automatically extended to cover all of your children.

The District is working towards using the Parent Portal more to reduce the cost of mailing reports home. Reports would include report cards, progress reports and schedules.

If you wish to receive a copy via the mail, please contact your hall office.

District Insurance

Every year children bring many personally-owned or rented instruments into our schools, sometimes leaving them overnight in our class-rooms. The North Colonie Central School District has taken reasonable steps to prevent the theft of student property. However, the district is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to students’ personal property on the premises. Additionally, parents are encouraged to list valuable items like musical instruments on their homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy.

Shaker High School Store

The School Store is conveniently located in the A/B Lobby near the main office. Hours are 7:15 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. daily. Listed below is a summary of items currently available in the store. Prices for these items will be in effect for the 2018-2019 school year. All prices are for single items unless otherwise noted; all prices include tax. Please feel free to contact me at 518-785-5511, ext. 3307 if you have any questions. Linda Stack (store manager)


  • Art erasers; kneaded/vinyl $1.00
  • Art pencil charcoal $0.50
  • Art pencils; 2B, 2H, HB; 6B $1.00
  • Drawing Art Pouch $10.00
  • Portfolios w/Handles $8.00
  • Sketch pad 9 x 12 $5.00
  • Sketch pad 11×14 $7.00
  • Studio Art Pouch $5.00
  • Batteries AA/AAA $0.75
  • Binders—1” $1.50
  • Binders—2” $3.50


  • Breath Mints $0.75
  • Compass w/pencil $1.75
  • Compass-Safety $1.50
  • Daily Student Planner $5.00
  • Deodorant $1.50
  • Dividers/Index Tabs $1.00-$1.50
  • Dry Erase Markers $1.00
  • Erasers $0.50 / Eraser cap $0.10
  • Flash Drives 8 Gb $6.00
  • Folder (plain) $0.30
  • Folder (laminated) $1.25
  • Greeting Cards $0.25—$.050
  • Graph Paper $1.50
  • Graph Composition Notebook $2.00
  • Graph Spiral Notebook $1.50
  • Hi-Lighter—retractable $1.00
  • Index cards/note cards (white) $0.50
  • Index cards/note cards (color) $1.00
  • Lip Balm $1.00
  • Locker Ladder $20.00
  • Locker Mirror (magnetic) $1.50
  • Locks– Combination $4.00
  • Loose Leaf Paper $1.00
  • Manilla Envelopes $0.25
  • Mechanical pencil $0.50
  • Mechanical pencil refills $ 0.25-0.50
  • Mini Notebook $0.50
  • Notebook—1-subject $1.00
  • Notebook—3-Subject $2.50
  • Notebook—5-subject $3.50
  • Notebook—Composition $1.00
  • Number 2 pencil $0.20
  • Pens (Bic Stick)—black/blue $0.20
  • Pens (Bic Atlantis) $1.00
  • Pens (color) $0.50
  • Poster Board $0.50
  • Foam Board $2.50
  • Protractors 6” $.50
  • Reinforcement Labels $1.00
  • Report covers $0.25
  • Ruler 6” or 12” $0.50 Shaker Baseball Caps $7.00
  • Shaker Car Magnet $3.00
  • Shaker Christmas Ornament $2.50 Shaker Coffee Mug $7.00
  • Shaker Lanyard $2.50
  • Shaker Luggage Tag $1.75
  • Shaker Sports Bag $4.00
  • Shaker Sweatpants—$20.00
  • Shaker Sweatshirts $25.00
  • Shaker T-Shirt $10.00
  • Shaker T-Shirt (long sleeve) $15.00
  • Sharpie Markers (color) $1.00—$2.00
  • Tape $1.00
  • White-Out $1.00

Shaker High School Administrative Team

Mr. Richard W. Murphy, Principal
Mr. Brian Spofford, Taft Hall Principal
Ms. Crystal Fox, LaFollette Hall Principal
Mr. Garrett Couture, Administrative Dean, LaFollette Hall
Mrs. Lauren Sheeler, Administrative Dean, Taft Hall

K-12 District Supervisors

Art – Mrs. Anne Manzella
Business – Mr. Eric Phillips
CTE – Mr. Eric Phillips
English/Reading – Mrs. Pamela Burns
FACS – Mr. Eric Phillips
Foreign Language/ENL – Mrs. Brenna Muldoon
School Counseling – Mr. Garrett Couture
Health Education – Mr. David Stadtlander
Library & Media Services – Mr. Richard W. Murphy, Principal
Mathematics – Mr. Nicholas Verdile
Music – Mrs. Deborah Keough
PE & Athletics & Health – Mr. Matthew Stein, Director Pupil Services, Mr. David Semo, Director
Science – Mr. Keith Bogert
Social Studies – Mr. Robert Pollaro
Pupil Services – Mr. Casey Bardin, Assistant Director


We encourage every family to join the PTSA!! Membership is just $10.

Your membership in the PTSA helps to support the activities that we hold each year for the Shaker High School Community.

The PTSA plans and supports numerous activities throughout the year, such as chaperoning the Homecoming Dance, hosting the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon, providing ice cream during Senior Night, and at the Ice Cream Social for the underclassmen. We understand that parents are busy, but we need you to join us! We can do more with your help. Volunteer opportunities are on our membership form.

The PTSA meetings are held in the Main Office Conference Room on the first Tuesday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm. The Main Office Conference Room is located on the second floor just past the Main Office (Principal Murphy’s Office). If there is no school, our meetings are the second Tuesday. You are always welcome to attend meetings, to learn more about our school, and share your ideas, or to ask questions. Don’t let your inability to attend our monthly meetings prevent you from becoming a member, we send copies of the minutes to members to keep you informed of our activities.

We have a number of fundraisers this year including these upcoming events:

  • Schwan’s Cares from August 30-January 13. Schwan’s donates a percentage of the cost of your purchase to us.
  • Sawyer Shirts Apparel Sale – from August 31-October 20; email PTSA directly for order forms. Choose from an assortment of Bison Spiritwear at reasonable prices.
  • George’s Wreath and Poinsettia Sale – from September 12-October 31; email PTSA directly for order forms. If you’ve ever been to George’s then you know how beautiful their Christmas greenery is.
  • Uncle Sam’s Fudge Sale – November 1-November 14; email PTSA directly for order forms We’re selling Fudge! Need I say more?

We are on Social Media! Facebook: Shaker High School PTSA Instagram: ShakerHigh_PTSA Twitter: ShakerHigh_PTSA

Support us on Amazon Smile:

To email us directly: Sign up for notifications on Remind: Shaker High PTSA

If you have any questions/suggestions, please contact us:

Student Government Cinderella’s Closet

The Shaker High School Student Government operates a Cinderella Closet. We are currently seeking donations of gently used or new formal attire. If you have any gowns, shoes, suits, or any accessories that could be worn to a formal event, please bring them to the Shaker High School main office. The closet will be available to any student in need of formal attire for Shaker functions. If you have any questions, email Thank you for your support.

Annual Notice of the Availability of the District Emergency Management Plan

The North Colonie Central School District has developed Emergency and Severe Weather (formerly Disaster Preparedness) plans as required by State Education Law Section 155.13. It is required that each public school district have emergency plans in place, and that information on emergency procedures be provided to all students and staff. We will conduct at least 12 fire drills throughout the year, and a “go home” drill to test transportation and communications systems. Emergency evacuation information is posted in each classroom. If you desire more information, please contact Mr. Alan Levitus at the Maintenance Department at 518-785-5771.

Project S.A.V.E.

Project S.A.V.E. is the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act, passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Pataki at the end of the 2000 legislative session. The law seeks to improve school safety and ensure a safe and effective learning environment. To achieve this, the law codifies many existing regulatory requirements that are designed to improve school safety. It also provides tools for educators including man-dating the development of school safety plans, organizing school safety teams, implementing character and civility education, refining the discipline code, and giving teachers the ability to remove students from classes for behavior that is disruptive to the educational process. The North Colonie Board of Education has determined that teachers may remove students from classes for either therapeutic or disciplinary reasons.

Removal for disciplinary reasons includes students who are substantially disruptive. This includes students who are either violent or non-violent.

Veteran’s Day Ceremony

World of Difference Veteran’s Day Ceremony Thursday November 8th, 2018 @ 6:30 p.m.

Please join the World of Difference Club on Thursday November 8th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in Taft Cafeteria for the annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony to honor our nation’s heroes. This year’s program will be slightly different than years past, with greater involvement from the younger grade levels in the district. We look forward to coming together as a community to pay tribute to veterans past, present and future.

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