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SHS business students compete in “Cookie Challenge”

| December 18, 2020

Plate of chocolate chip cookiesShaker High School students in the Introduction to Business I classes recently put their knowledge and skills to the test in the annual Business Cookie Challenge! 

The Cookie Challenge is a friendly competition where students work in teams to manage a cookie company. After learning about pricing and supply and demand in class, the teams came together to make decisions about their company’s production quantity and selling price, based on various information presented each week that impacted demand. 

The goal of each team was to earn the highest profit for their company. The following teams earned the highest profit in each class cohort: 

Mrs. Randall’s Class:

  • Crispy Cooks – managed by Paige Kruegler, Gia Patel and Tori Wasula
  • ACookie4U – managed by Khalid Hassen, Niko Pascazio and Toby Wasserman                               
  • Bhocolate Bhip Bookies – managed by Brandon Bhola, Craig Foshee and Maddox Hoffman-Borawski
  • Baker of America – managed by Rishi Patel, Luigi Riggione and Kirari Yokoyama
  • Aaaaawesome Cookie Company – managed by Brian Li, Imran Shukralla and Dean Vitas
  • A Better Cookie – managed by Miles Ehrlich, Kenny Moss and Ammar Singaporewala

Ms. Squadere’s Class:

  • Ansar’s Bakery – managed by Savera Ansar and Lucy Rappazzo
  • A Cookie Company – managed by Thomas Cox, Jack Gialanella and Steven Zhao
  • Aaaaaah Cookies – managed by Connor Bunkoff and Beau Cunningham
  • Aardwolf – managed by Salman Khan, Markus Rankins and Michael Tong

SHS Business Teacher Ms. Squadere was introduced to the challenge by her mentor, Michelle Frisone. Squadere then shared the challenge with Mrs. Randall when she started at SHS and now both classes take part. Each year, the competition is a highlight for the students and they always talk about how fun it is.

“Students are challenged, they have fun, and they apply what they learned to make smart business decisions as a team,” said Shaker Business Teacher Antoinette Randall.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the challenge:

“I thought the Cookie Challenge was a fun and engaging way to learn about business and supply and demand. I learned a lot about reading the market to see if the demand was going to be high or low. I learned not to make more product than you were going to sell. Overall, during the Cookie Challenge I learned a lot and it was super fun. I think the Cookie Challenge should be used next year.” -Estelle Porter (Grade 9)

“I thought the cookie challenge was a fun challenge. It was a good competition and at the same time a good learning activity. I learned how to manage a business during this activity.” -Francesca Logrippo (Grade 10)

“The cookie challenge was a fun and competitive way to bring the class together and get to know some of our classmates that we may not talk to on a regular basis. Also by participating in the cookie challenge, you get a feel for how to run a business and how to set the right standards for production.” -Tori Wasula (Grade 11)

“I enjoyed this activity. I learned how to change prices and quantity based on events going on and consumer interests.” Aidan Garland (Grade 9)

Keep an eye out! You may just happen to see one of these teams on the Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge” one day! Great job to all!

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