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Shaker Rock

| June 9, 2016

Thursday morning, Shaker High School administrators found that the Shaker Rock had been painted overnight by some students as a memorial to Yusef Westerman, a Shaker senior who passed away in November. While this was not a school-sanctioned event, Principal Murphy decided the tribute should remain on the rock. Unfortunately, a miscommunication resulted in the rock being painted over this afternoon.

“Even though this wasn’t a sanctioned painting, the rock has always been dedicated to the senior class, and this year, reflected the loss of a senior student,” said Principal Murphy. “I wanted to let the recognition remain in place.”

Principal Murphy is offering an opportunity for students to re-paint the rock in the coming days. If any students would like to participate, they can stop by the Shaker High School main office and this will be coordinated. In addition, the high school has ordered a bench in memorial of Yusef, and it will be delivered within a couple of months. Friends of Yusef will be placing this bench to the right of the Shaker Clock, in the front entranceway leading to the building. The district continues to mourn the loss of Yusef and recognizes the impact he had on the school community. While the Class of 2016 will graduate in two weeks, Yusef’s memory will always be felt in the halls of Shaker High School.

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