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Calhoun Grade 8 Brochure

Writing tools  

All classes require students to have writing implements. Students will need pens, pencils, a highlighter, colored pencils, markers and an eraser. Teachers will inform students which tools are needed for their class and when they are needed.


All students will be given a planner on the first day of school. Students are required to carry planners with them to all classes throughout the day. The planner is used to record all long term and short-term homework assignments, tests, and quizzes. Parents must check their child’s planner to see how their child is handling their school responsibilities. Periodic checks are recommended for all students. Students should be able to show a parent their planner and completed homework. Some students must have their parents check their homework every night.

Hall staff

  • Mrs. Favro, English
  • Mr. Berti, Social Studies 
  • Ms. Beach, Math
  • Ms. Burke, Science
  • Ms. Suare, Guidance
  • Mrs. Bisognano, Secretary
  • Mr. Zadoorian, Hall Principal

Special education teachers of Calhoun Hall students attend weekly planning sessions on Mondays to receive and provide information regarding their students.


All instructors ask students to bring #2 pencils and a folder to class.


Students need a three-ring binder which will be used only for English class. The binder will be divided into sections to aid students in organizing notes and will be used daily. Students also will be expected to have their planners, pens, pencils and the text being read in class each day. Post-it notes will be used to mark important areas/information in the novels and textbooks. Index cards will be used to make flashcards. Students will also need a composition notebook.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Students in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) will need a two-pocket folder to keep all handouts in. Students will need 5 – 10 sheets of loose leaf paper in their folder for note taking. All students should be prepared with a pen (blue or black) and a pencil each day.

General Music

In general music, students are required to keep a folder. The folder will contain several handouts as we do not use a textbook. Students at times will need loose-leaf paper in a small quantity for note taking and scrap paper. Pencils are needed for rough draft work for writing music. Pens are needed for final copies.


Teacher: Mrs. Gannon & Mrs. Lashmet

Students will need a composition notebook and yellow plastic two-pocket folder for each class. Students can recycle their daily journal and folder from last year’s health class if preferred. Loose-leaf paper and highlighters will be helpful throughout the year. Since this class is every other day, it is important to use a student planner to keep track of homework and project due dates. All students are expected to see the teacher or check the health website to catch up with what is missed.


Parents must refer to the handout for foreign language class supplies.


All students will need a graphing calculator, TI-84+.  Also, students will need a 1” binder (black) and pencils.

Music Performing Groups

Students will need a folder for holding lesson book, music, practice sheets, lesson schedules and handouts. Students should also have pencils (not pens or markers) to make markings on their music during rehearsals and lessons.

Students in instrumental performing groups, with the exception of some larger instruments, should own or rent their own instruments from a local music store. All musicians are encouraged to have a metronome and a tuner. Specific supplies such as lesson books, reeds, valve oil, sticks, rosin, shoulder rests and mutes will be required as needed throughout the year, depending upon the instrument which the student plays.

Physical Education

Students will be assigned a locker with an attached combination lock for physical education class. Students will attend phys. ed. every other day according to their schedule. Students are required to wear appropriate clothing (tee shirt, shorts, sweat shirt/pants, athletic socks) and athletic footwear for class. Appropriate dress helps students perform to his/her potential and avoid injuries. Students will change clothes to return to class. Students are asked to keep a towel and deodorant in their athletic locker. Jewelry is not allowed during P.E. All jewelry and valuables shall be locked in the locker.


All students will need a binder and writing supplies for everyday use.  Students will use dividers to keep the sections of the binder organized.

Social Studies

The binder will be used to organize our work for a chapter. Students will use the dividers to keep the sections of the binder organized. When the chapter is complete, students will place work for that chapter in the manila folder and keep it at home for mid-term and final review. Students will also need two packages of 3 x 5 note cards. The highlighter will be used for class notes and essays to foster the practice of looking for main ideas and key terms.


Technology students will need a two-pocket folder with several sheets of loose leaf paper.  All handouts will be kept in the folder.  A pen and pencil are required each day.