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Inside SJHS

Shaker Junior High School Vision

Shaker Junior High School’s enduring vision is to provide a safe, supportive and inspiring environment where students become independent learners. Within this environment they will master core academic, technological and social skills that foster literacy, critical thinking and respect in a diverse society where they can make life long contributions.

Daily Schedule:

Homeroom: 7:34 – 7:41 
Period 1: 7:45 – 8:25 
Period 2: 8:29 – 9:09 
Period 3: 9:13 – 9:53 
Period 4: 9:57 – 10:37 
Period 5: 10:41 – 11:21 
Period 6: 11:25 – 12:05 
Period 7: 12:09 – 12:49 
Period 8: 12:53 – 1:33 
Period 9: 1:37 – 2:17

Parking Lot Safety

If you plan to drop your child off at SJHS, please stay out of the bus loop. The outer loop is for our numerous buses to safely drop off large numbers of children. Please keep your vehicle out of their traffic pattern.

If dropping off a child, be aware of the traffic pattern and marked lanes for doing so. The pattern has been altered because of safety concerns brought up in recent years by cars moving in different directions and interfering with the high degree of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The new design is intended to keep all parents who are dropping children off in the morning in a single line of traffic, thereby reducing the chances for accidents.

Please refer to the drop-off plan. If you drive to SJHS to drop your child off, move into, and stay in, the designated drop-off lane. You will need to follow the drop-off traffic through the entire designated lane and exit into the bus loop. Children should be dropped off only in a marked walk area. Please do not drop off your child elsewhere and have him/her walk through the traffic.

We request that your child take the bus if possible. That is the safest way to get to school and it would cut down on morning traffic. If you do plan to transport your child, please follow the clearly marked drop-off traffic pattern. Thank you.