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Guidelines for Acceleration in 8th Grade

With the change in our 7th grade programs, eliminating the enriched classes in English, math, and science, we hope to provide opportunities for math and science acceleration in 8th grade to more of our students.  We have changed our math 7 program to a pre-algebra course of study and our 7th grade science program to a blend of life and physical science topics.  With these changes, we believe more of our 7th graders will be prepared for acceleration in 8th grade.

The opportunities for acceleration in 8th grade include Regents Algebra in math and Regents Biology and Regents Earth Science in science.

For a current 7th grade student to be considered for acceleration in 8th grade, he/she must earn at least a B+ average for the first semester.  This B+ average will be calculated using the first quarter grade, the second quarter grade, and the mid-year exam grade. Again, this B+ average will provide the pool of students who will be considered for acceleration recommendations.  The actual recommendations will be made by the students’ current math and science teachers.  The teachers will consider other needed characteristics, such as homework completion, organizational skills, in-class participation, quality of lab work completed, etc.

Students meeting the B+ average criteria but not recommended by their current teachers, or students who do not meet the B+ average criteria but whose parents would like them considered, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  It should be noted as well that these recommendations are made in March and that students’ academic achievement after that time can affect ultimate placement in courses.  For example, a 7th grade student recommended in March for an accelerated course in 8th grade may end up not being enrolled in this accelerated course if achievement during the rest of the school year merits reconsideration.

If parents have questions about the recommendation process or of program choices in 8th grade, please contact your child’s science or math teacher or guidance counselor.