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Family and Consumer Sciences

Course Descriptions


Important life lessons and 21st century skills are covered in this hands-on, engaging course.

The Nutrition Unit explores food safety and sanitation. Students will use the government website, to learn the importance of a well-rounded diet. They will participate in various healthy cooking labs to reinforce food preparation skills. Students will also be taught the importance of etiquette and manners that are necessary to have during business luncheons and formal occasions.

The Careers Unit includes activities and projects that allow students to discover their abilities, values, interests, and personality traits. This information is then reinforced and stored within the Naviance electronic portfolio that will be revisited in the 8th grade and will be useful during high school for making college/career choices.

The Childcare Unit will help students learn how to be a safe sitter as the physical, emotional and social development of a child is discussed. They will learn how to create fun and safe activities for children and proper procedures to follow before accepting a babysitting position. Finally, clothing management is taught in order to foster independence and self-management.

Seventh grade students will attend FACS class every day for one quarter of the school year.


The 8th grade FACS program builds upon the important life skills learned in 7th grade.

The Nutrition Unit will engage students in culinary labs, which will reinforce material taught in class. They will learn about healthy lifestyle choices that combine both fitness and nutrition. The nutrient groups are introduced while students learn how to how to read and analyze nutrition facts labels while paying attention to proper portion sizes. Students will also be taught how to substitute ingredients in order to make a recipe healthier.

The Careers Unit will focus on the steps one should take when seeking a job. Students will fill out job applications from local businesses, write resumes and cover letters, and conduct mock interviews with classmates. Work within the Naviance program will continue and a career research project will be developed using

The Financial Management Unit will focus on helping students learn how to budget. Hands on activities will help them understand the various aspects of banking. The pros and cons of credit, debit, and ATM cards will be discussed, as will the details of check writing and managing a bank account.

Eighth grade students will attend FACS class every day for one quarter of the school year (10 weeks).