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Visual and Media Art in Middle School builds upon the foundation of art and design from the elementary level. Units of study over grades 7-8 cumulatively provide the basis for the full year HS Graduation Credit course, Studio Art & Design. Middle school art focuses on creative career exploration, critical analysis and interpretation of visual content, art history & culture exposure and use of both traditional fine art and digital media for research, art making and self-expression. Sketchbook assignments for practice and reinforcement of concepts and techniques support the classroom experience.

Course Descriptions

Art 7

Art is scheduled for 10 weeks in grade 7. Units of study in grade 7 art include:

  • Color Theory: applying color theory relationships to compositions, and color mixing
  • Human Proportion: with focus on capturing accurate facial and figure proportions
  • 3D Design: with a focus on relief and in the round sculpture using non-ceramic materials

Art 8

Art is scheduled for 10 weeks in grade 8. Units covered include:

  • Observational Drawing: with a focus on value rendering
  • Illusion of Depth: involving linear and atmospheric perspective techniques
  • 3D Design: working sculpturally using clay as a medium

Accelerated Studio in Art 8

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation and an A grade in 7th grade Art

Studio Art & Design, a high school foundation level course, incorporates a wide variety of art disciplines, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and digital media. Exposure to art history and art criticism enhance the program. Studio Art & Design is required of all students planning a high school art sequence, and it meets the fine arts high school graduation requirement. Admission is based on effort, conduct, achievement, teacher recommendation, and invitation of the department supervisor. Students are notified of the recommendation for Studio Art in writing before the end of June. An art sequence commitment is expected for high school, including Drawing & Painting, which will be scheduled freshman year.