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Adolescent information: Helping you help your child

As you are probably aware, in our community as well as in society in general, there has been an increase in adolescent use of social media to communicate inappropriate messages. We would like to remind and request parents to check their child’s social media accounts and cellphones on a regular basis. We encourage you to establish open communication with your son or daughter, and remind them that you, and many others, can see what they are posting and/or texting. Additionally, students should be encouraged to seek out trusted adults if they are struggling with social or academic situations. We understand that social media is a popular outlet for our students; however, intensely personal feelings and/or comments that could be hurtful to others, are not appropriate content for these sites. Posts related to self-injury, primarily cutting, are examples of the types of communication with which we are concerned. As educators who care about your children, we wish to provide as much helpful information as possible, information we hope you will read and use, as appropriate, with your children. Please contact your child’s school counselor or principal if you are concerned about their social media pages, or if you have any questions on this matter. We appreciate your help and cooperation.


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