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Inside SHS

Shaker High School Vision

Our enduring vision is, and will continue to be, to maintain a safe and wholesome school environment — one that constantly improves our comprehensive educational system, providing opportunities, services and instruction of the highest quality and value to all children. Therefore, we have developed programs designed to enable all of our students to succeed academically and socially as well as be prepared for the demands of the global workplace. To that end, students need to understand the fundamental principles of economics and economic systems. They must acquire this necessary knowledge in order to be contributing and successful citizens in a democratic society. To achieve these goals, they must become independent learners, mastering core academic and technological skills. This mastery will enable them to solve problems and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. We must also encourage Shaker students to foster life-long reading and critical thinking habits, as well as gain knowledge of a foreign language and the fine arts. Lastly, they should learn to embrace healthy lifestyles and activities, exercise civility and self-discipline, demonstrate respect for others, and make sound decisions. 

Student Drop-Off Procedures

In an effort to accommodate the traffic flow into the high school, the following student drop off procedures are in place:
• The current student drop off loop will be closed to vehicles from 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. on school days.
• Parents dropping off students will be directed into the bus loop, to drop students at the sidewalk, and then continue through the bus loop, back out onto the Shaker driveway to exit the school grounds.
• Access to the small loop will be blocked by traffic cones, and school staff will be present to direct vehicles into the bus loop. Only district-owned vehicles and district staff will be permitted to turn right towards the back of Shaker High School and the bus garage.

Daily Schedule:

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Grades 9 & 10

518-785-5511 Ext 3410

Grades 11 & 12  

518-785-5511 Ext 3439

Tardy Policy

Once a student accrues their fourth unexcused tardy, and every unexcused tardy thereafter, they will be assigned a lunch detention for the day on which they are tardy. Failure to comply with these consequences will result in further disciplinary measures. Students will still have the opportunity to have their lunch during their assigned lunch detention.

This policy is in place to reinforce the importance of being to school on time, while giving consequences to students in a timely manner. We appreciate your support of our efforts to ensure that students are coming to school ready for instruction.