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Shaker High School student receives 2017 Albany County Executive Volunteer Award

| May 2, 2017

Shaker High School student Samira Ahmed was among the six individuals recognized by Albany County Executive Dan McCoy for exemplary community service during a ceremony on April 24.

picture of student speaking at award ceremony

Shaker High School student Samira Ahmed speaks at the Albany County Executive Volunteer Award ceremony.

Samira, who is junior at Shaker High, received the honor for her volunteer work with the school’s Key Club and the community. She is the vice president of the Key Club and has dedicated countless hours to setting up programs to reach out to the large membership. She also volunteers at Albany Memorial Hospital, Albany Medical Center, Colonie Youth Court, Adolescent Development Project, and Student Government.

“We have so many inspiring individuals in Albany County and we celebrate those residents who have donated their time, skills and expertise so our community benefits,” said McCoy. “The unique honorees this year serve a variety of organizations, showcasing how generous our volunteers are who are willing to dedicate countless hours of service to make the community a better place to live. Their services to our community do not go unnoticed and we are truly appreciative for all that they do.”

The awards were presented to a diverse array of county residents who have donated their time and energy to help others and make Albany County a better place to live. Congratulations Samira and the other award recipients, including: Claire Brandt, Cindy Ferrari, Susan McManus, David Rose and Valerie Wasilewski.

picture of Albany County Volunteer award winners

Samira Ahmed, second from left, was one of six county residents selected this year to receive a volunteer award from the county executive.

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