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Shaker High School student establishes “Haven’s Closet” for students in need

| November 17, 2017
A girl stands next to a closet organizer with clothes on it.

Haven Bouleris and “Haven’s Closet:” the North Colonie Kids Care November feature.

Meet 12th grade Shaker High School student, Haven Bouleris; “North Colonie Kids Care” November 2017 feature.

For three years Shaker High School student Haven Bouleris has spent all of her free periods collecting and organizing donated clothes to help students in the district and community.

She started her project called “Haven’s Closet” as a part of her Careers and Human Services class in Family and Consumer Sciences when she was a sophomore with the simple idea of helping others.

Three women stand in front of a closet organizer with clothes on it.

From left to right: FACs Teacher Denise Bourdeau, Shaker High School Senior Haven Bouleris, and FACs Teacher Karen Desorbo

“I want everyone to feel happy and welcome,” said Bouleris. “Students shouldn’t have to feel displaced because of their clothes and I figured I could help.”

“Haven is a caring and kind person who is genuinely concerned the about the welfare people of all ages,” said her FACs teacher Denise Bourdeau.

With that idea in mind, she went home and pitched the idea to her parents who immediately began going through their closets to find anything to donate. Bouleris began filling a cupboard located in the Family and Consumer Science classrooms with donated clothes. Once word of mouth got around in the school about her project, “Haven’s Closet” was flooded with donations.

Now a senior, Bouleris has had to upgrade from the cupboard that the project began in three years ago. “Haven’s Closet” currently takes up an entire room and is showing no signs of decreasing in size.

The magnitude of the project allowed Bouleris to contribute boxes and boxes of clothing in order to aide families in Texas this past fall due to the category 4 storm, Hurricane Harvey.

“I called around to local news stations and spoke with the Albany County Police Department,” said Bouleris. “I just wanted to help and this was a way I knew how.”

Thanks to Bouleris’ dedication, “Haven’s Closet” has become a staple within the school and the community. With the plan to have the Special Education students to continue her work next year, the project will hopefully run long after Bouleris has graduated.

“I want people to know that anyone in the community can call the high school for clothes if they need them,” said Bouleris. “Same goes for anyone who wishes to donate.”

Congratulations to Haven Bouleris for being a North Colonie Kids Care recipient!

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