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Shaker First Robotics Team 2791 partners with mentors to build “Bot-tini”

| March 31, 2021
SHS robotics robot, Bot-tini


Shaker First Robotics Team 2791 has found some innovative ways to collaborate this year, despite the pandemic. This year, the team built its robot, Bot-tini! Bot-tini is named after Mr. Bottini, one of the team’s longtime mentors who retired last year.

The club has turned to some new mentors this school year.

Jaclyn Shyptycki is the new marketing mentor who serves as the director of operations for SIX Marketing in Saratoga. She is working closely with Nolan Horn to build out the team’s social media presence and network with local industry and community members.

“She is truly a great resource and is just teaming with great ideas to help the team,” said advisor Christopher McDermith. “I am very excited to see what she is able to do with the team, especially in a more normal year.”

One of McDermith’s friends, Josh Capen, recently quit his day job to follow his passion and start a photography business. Josh volunteered his time to help take pictures of the bot and also took the time to teach our students what he does.

“He brought loads of lighting and camera equipment and the students had a blast,” said McDermith. “As an added bonus, the photos came out awesome.”

The team also worked with a very talented machinist, Randy Little, from automated dynamics in Niskayuna. Randy has signed on to help mentor the fabrication team. Additionally, Randy has taken time to help Christopher get parts of machine shop back in order/tip-top and hone in my own machining skills.

“Randy is as good as they get,” said McDermith. “He’s just a kind and generous person who likes to help others and share his knowledge and experience.”

“I am honestly not sure what is more impressive to me, seeing the amazing things students do in robotics or seeing how the community and mentors step up to support them,” said McDermith. “Everywhere we go, the team is met with strong support and respect. Brian and everyone who has been involved has done an incredible job building the program to get to this point. I honestly don’t know that I have the words to truly express how incredible this program is for our students and only hope that I am able to continue the legacy that they have built so that future students can have the same opportunities.”

Follow along and check on the team’s progress!

Facts about Bot-tini

Technical specs

  • 122lbs w/o battery and bumper
  • 12.6 ft/s Max Speed
  • 4 Neo Electric Motor Drivetrain
  • 35”x 35” footprint w/bumpers


  • Centering Intake on Rear
  • 5 Ball Hopper with Spacing Indexing
  • High Speed Flywheel with Two Position Hood
  • Twin Arm Climber with Winch
  • Retractable Control Panel Manipulation
  • Mechanism


  • 1 ten turn potentiometer
  • 1 Limelight vision camera
  • 1 USB camera switch

About the team

  • Founded in 2008
  • 100 Teamates
  • 2009 Rookie All-Star
  • 2019 NYTV & CNY Regional Winner
  • 2019 Battlecry@WPI Winner
  • 2018 CNY Regional Winner
  • 2017 NYTV Regional Winner

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