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Shaker Clock Dedication Ceremony

| May 19, 2015
Some of the contributors to the Shaker Clock who were in attendance for the dedication ceremony.

Some of the contributors to the Shaker Clock who were in attendance for the dedication ceremony.

Formed in 1958, Shaker High School derives its name from the early Shaker communities that flourished in this area of New York State. Located in the center of the original Shaker society, Shaker High School recognizes its cultural and historical heritage.

The installation of the Shaker clock represents a project that originated in the school community in 2008. At the time, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of that celebration, social studies teacher, Mr. Daniel Weaver, suggested raising money for the clock. The hope was that the clock would become a permanent symbol not only of the 50th anniversary, but of the school community. The funds raised for the clock reflect the many students, parents, community members, and organizations who offered their financial support to the final purchase of the clock. The Shaker High School World of Difference Club partnered with Student Government in reaching out to all members of the North Colonie community as part of this worthwhile endeavor. The Ashton Jojo Memorial Fund and the graduating classes of 2011, 2012, and 2013 were significant contributors towards the clock. In total, more than 150 people donated, in the name of their loved ones, former students, and colleagues.

Mrs. Joy Horsman, who was a founding member of the North Colonie Cental School District, also offered extensive assistance in 2008 in developing the brochure and helping to set up fundraising activities.

“As a student and a future graduate of Shaker, I am proud,” said World of Difference Club member, Peter Rossi. “Our club is proud to be able to lead this effort and see the reality of the clock. It will remain a positive force for all we do here in the classrooms, on the fields, in the hallways, and in the community.”

“Today the clock symbolizes the center of the Shaker High School community,” added Shaker High School Principal Richard Murphy. “It represents the pride and traditions of the Shaker High School community from the past and present. It will serve as a point of pride for the future as new students become part of “The One Shaker.”

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