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Shaker Biology Club members adopt a Florida sea turtle nest to protect the endangered species

| June 22, 2015

Sea turtle nestShaker High School’s Biology Club has adopted a sea turtle nest through “Turtle Trackers”; an organization that helps to protect endangered sea turtles in the state of Florida. The nest, which is due to hatch approximately July 20, is marked with a plaque denoting Shaker. During a recent Skype presentation, club members learned about the life cycle of sea turtles, the species that live in Florida, how they have become endangered, and the progress that has been made to bring the species back.

During the discussion, students also talked about ways to reduce plastic garbage bag litter. Discarded grocery bags are the number one killer of sea turtles. The bags look like jellyfish in the water, and jellyfish are the sea turtle’s primary food source. Once the bags are ingested, they clog the intestines of the sea turtles and lead to death. Earlier this year, the Biology Club made “plarn,” which is a plastic yarn made of grocery bags that can be used to crochet useful things and help reduce the amount of bags that end up littering the ocean.

Club members have received GPS coordinates of the adopted sea turtle nest, and are able to view it on Google Earth.

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