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RPI Science Research Fair

| March 24, 2016
31 Shaker Junior High School students participated in the RPI Science Fair.

31 Shaker Junior High School students participated in the RPI Science Fair.

All of the students enrolled in Regents Earth Science at Shaker Junior High School had to complete a Long Term Investigation (LTI) as a requirement for class. An LTI forms the basis of a research project, and all students were asked if they wanted to have their LTIs considered for inclusion in the annual RPI Science Research Fair. 67 students submitted their LTIs for consideration. The abstracts were rated by two science department members from Shaker High School and the following 31 students had their submissions selected for participation in the RPI Science Fair held on March 19.

Calhoun 8
Teacher: Ms. Heather Burke
Samantha Allen – “How soil affects the pH of water.”
Thomas Randall – “Does oil prevent water evaporation?”
Nathan Gach – “The effect of temperature on the resistance the electricity encounters on its way through wire.”
Avo Elebyjian – “Can a homemade hygrometer give an accurate measure of humidity?”
Zhaoxin Ma – “Do certain factors in the environment affect the process of erosion?”
Keeley Frazier – “Which structure will best prevent beach erosion?”
Rachel Dentinger – “Vertical migration speed of simulated pollutants through different soil types.”

Clay 8
Teacher: Ms. Rebecca Goldfischer
Jack Aquario – “How effective is a 355 micrometer filter on removing micro-bead plastics from a variety of cosmetic soaps?”
Michael Alvey – “Does adding varying concentrations of aspirin to pepper plants enhance plant growth?”
Shreya Bavdekar – “How does the pH of the Hudson River change near industrial zones?”
Aliza Gandhi – “How does the shape of cellular lattice honeycombs affect their stiffness and strain?”
Eric Ji – “Does drinking orange juice give you more electrolytes than other sports drinks?”
Ruchika Kilaparty – “Which flours contain the largest percentage of gluten and how does that relate to the amount of starch and protein?”
Kevin Kim – “Does the atmospheric temperature and humidity influence the bounce height of a tennis ball?”
Isha Kumar – “What types of spices can be added to foods to reduce bacterial growth.”
Meghan Piser – “Does adding caffeine to pea plants enhance pea plant growth.”
Jarred Reepmeyer – “Is the pH of the rain in Cohoes, NY changing?”
Nazeer Sarwar – “Which toothpaste is better at removing stains, pronamel or whitening?”
Victoria Shamlian – “How do earthquakes around the San Andreas Fault affect ocean level rise or drop on the coast of California?”
Isabella Snyder – “What effect does sea surface temperature and tropical storms have on the livelihood of coral reefs?”

Houston 8
Teacher: Ms. Nicole Finnegan
Roya Lewis – “Does temperature affect the strength of magnetic field?
Agnes Yang– “Do Tums and Ginger help us with stomach problems?

Norris 8
Teacher: Ms. Lily Bullis
Rohan Bagchi – “Which WeatherApp’s forecast is most accurate?”
Tanya Pai – “The effects of ultraviolet light on bacteria.”
Hannah Wang – “The strength of hair.”
Tiffany Tang – “Corrosion of metals in slat and freshwater environments.”
Apurva Jakkani – “Is rinsing or washing a fruit/vegetable more effective?”
Aarya Kaushik – “Do synthetic or natural antibiotics suppress bacteria better?”
Harrison Kabalian – “Bacteria growth in plastic reusable and disposable bottles.”
“Andrew Lenart” – “Are expensive soccer balls always better?”
John Yin – “A small solution to a big problem: Reducing toxicity in freshwater ecosystems.”

The student projects from many schools in the area were judged by professionals from science based companies in the day-long process. Students had to remain with their projects and respond to questions from the judges as part of the assessment.

The following students won the listed awards based on their research projects: 
Roya Lewis: U.S. Air Force Award
Tanya Pai: American Society for Microbiology Award
Rohan Bagchi: American Meteorological Society, Intel ISEF award
John Yin: Junior Division 3rd Honorable Mention
Isha Kumar: 2nd Place overall, which includes an invitation to STANYS State Science Congress and to the SSP National Broadcom Masters Program
Rachel Dentinger: Cullen Blake Excellence in Science Award
Zhaoxin Ma: Association for Women Geoscientists Award
Keeley Frazier: U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Award

Congratulations to all of the students who submitted their projects to the RPI Science Research Fair for consideration, and special congratulations to the students whose work was deemed worthy of one of the awards!

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