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Right Moves Chess Tournament

| January 28, 2016

Students who competed in the Jan. 23 Right Moves chess tournament.Students from Boght Hills Elementary played in The Right Moves chess tournament, TRM 101, on January 23. The team came in 4th place for the tournament, with 12 points out of a maximum of 16 points. The students received a plaque that is displayed in the main office.

The following students from grades 2 to 6 represented the Boght Hills team:

Lerchen Zhong, 2, first in his division
Ayaan Bargeer, 6
Rowechen Zhong, 6
Andrew Kang, 5
Ryan Martinkat, 5
Pradham Rodda, 5
Sana Barger, 4
Yochen Zhong, 4
Also playing for North Colonie was John Mardigan of Forts Ferry.

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