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Red Sand Project Day

| June 16, 2016
SJHS and SHS students who participated in the Red Sand Project Day.

SJHS and SHS students who participated in the Red Sand Project Day. Click here for more photos from the event.

Red sand recently filled the cracks of the sidewalk leading to Shaker Junior High School. More than an art project, the goal was to bring awareness to the “cracks” and violations in society and current injustices that still occur in the modern world.

Shaker Junior High School teacher, Kathryn Peterson’s eighth grade social studies students and Shaker High School teacher, Dan Weaver’s tenth grade AP World History students recently studied the topics of human and civil rights.  

Mr. Weaver’s students were assigned an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with instructions to research and prepare a short lesson to teach to an eighth grade student in Mrs. Peterson’s class.  

IMG_5112Both groups of students met together and began the red sand activity with the sharing of a quote from Amnesty International and another quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and her views on Human Rights. They then participated in placing red sand in the cracks along the walkway to the door of the school.

“It is our hope that by placing the red sand at our school, we have fostered an interest and awareness of the violations of human rights that exist in our world, not only today but in the past,” said Peterson and Weaver. “Overlooked populations of refugees, immigrants, girls, children, and others are most at risk of being enslaved and spending their lives being exploited for the profit of others. We, as a society, as citizens of the world, can’t merely walk over the most marginalized people in our history, those who fall through metaphoric cracks. This project asks that we take the time to find and fill a sidewalk crack with red sand and share our transformation. Our participation expands the movement.”




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