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Planning for Student Enrollment Growth

One-page enrollment flier

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Demographic study, February 2016

Demographic study, December 2017

Increased enrollment is a significant challenge facing the district, specifically at the elementary
grade levels. Significant new construction, neighborhood turnover, and families with young children moving into the district are all reasons for the enrollment increase. To solve this issue, the district plans to maintain its original proposal of moving the sixth grade to the junior high school in any future referendum. This move would:

  • Create a middle school concept of grades 6-8, already used by all other Suburban Council districts
  • Minimize re-districting and maintain neighborhood school concept
  • Generate additional classrooms to accommodate growth in enrollment and reduces existing high class sizes at both the elementary and middle school level
  • Expose sixth grade students to a range of classroom and extracurricular opportunities not available at the elementary level

District officials considered other options to address the enrollment increase, but determined they would not be effective for the following reasons:

Re-opening Maplewood

  • Estimated to cost $9.6 million, yielding 7 classrooms
  • Would require re-districting students back into a Maplewood zone

Classroom additions to ALL elementary buildings

  • Latham Ridge: excavation costs and difficult build
  • Loudonville: land-locked and difficult build
  • Southgate and Blue Creek Elementary Schools already require additions to accommodate district special education programs housed in those buildings
  • Forts Ferry and Boght Hills Elementary Schools were the only viable options for classroom additions, but they would not yield enough classroom space
  • Would require re-districting to equalize class sizes across the district

Building a new elementary school

  • Inequity among the seven elementary schools
  • Re-districting
  • Project would cost $30 million at a less aidable ratio

Re-opening Goodrich

  • Would cost $8-10 million to bring it up to code
  • Yields minimal space
  • Would require re-districting
  • Would require finding another facility for administrative offices