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Parking Lot Safety

| November 10, 2015

A reminder for parents using the SJHS parking lot for student drop-offs in the morning and pick-ups in the afternoon. As is always the case, most drivers obey designated traffic lanes and general traffic laws, but unfortunately, some do not. We would like to remind everyone of the following:

-In the morning, follow the designated traffic flow patterns, drop students off so they can use the clearly marked crosswalks.
-Both in the morning and afternoon, stay out of the bus loop.
-It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus with its lights flashing; this is true even in a bus loop.
-Do not drive off the paved lot and lanes and stay off grass areas.
-When the buses are leaving in the afternoon, stay out of the loop. Wait for the buses to leave to pull into the loop.

Bus drivers have been asked to record the plate numbers of cars that do not follow traffic laws. Please keep everyone’s safety in mind.  If you choose to drop off or pick up a student, know that you may get trapped in the lot and have to wait for the buses to exit.  Do not let impatience get in the way of safe driving. Thank you for your cooperation.

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