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North Colonie remembers former Director of Athletics, Robert Jackson

| January 28, 2016
Robert Jackson, 1964 Shaker High School yearbook.

Robert Jackson, 1963 Shaker High School yearbook.

The North Colonie Central School District would like to extend its condolences to family and friends of former Director of Athletics, Robert Jackson, who served the district for 30 years. He was born in central New York before the Great Depression and served in WWII in Europe, an ex-POW of Germany. Jackson came to North Colonie early in the district’s centralization, first as a physical education teacher. Many remember Jackson and former North Colonie librarian, Joyce Horsman, traveling throughout the district by car, delivering library and physical education classes to elementary students.

“He is representative of the dedication of delivering the highest caliber of education to all the students and the faculty that worked with him,” said former Shaker High School Principal, Dr. James Jackson, unrelated. “That’s why the North Colonie school system got off to such a great start. They were great models for the new staff coming in.”

“Shaker built a very strong reputation amongst the people in the community, and was looked upon as a very good district athletically and academically,” added another former Shaker High School Principal, Art Walker. “He had a lot to do with that.”

Robert Jackson, 1963 Shaker High School yearbook.

Robert Jackson, 1964 Shaker High School yearbook.

Walker says Robert Jackson helped lead some very good, early seasons for the North Colonie basketball and football teams, and was instrumental in the organization of the original physical education programs. In addition, Jackson is remembered by many as contributing to the rise and expansion of the overall North Colonie athletic program.

 “Bob Jackson was a great man, an American hero, a Shaker Hall of Famer, and a mentor to myself and to many others in the world of athletic administration,” said North Colonie Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, Ed Dopp. “Bob will be missed greatly, however his many contributions will last forever.”

“He was a very even dispositioned man, who always saw things in the most positive way,” added Dr. Peter McManus, a retired, former North Colonie Assistant Superintendent.

For years after his retirement, Jackson continued to attend Shaker High School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Both Superintendent Joseph Corr and Board of Education President, Linda Harrison, call Jackson one of the “founding fathers” of North Colonie.

“He was a dedicated loyal, and constant supporter of the district,” said Harrison. “He continued to celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes at the annual hall of fame induction ceremony and support our student-organized veteran’s day program.”

 “Bob Jackson was an outstanding educator and a hero who sacrificed so much for his country,” added Superintendent Joseph Corr. “He was a gentleman, who was kind, caring, compassionate and always focused on meeting the needs of the North Colonie students and their families. We treasure his contributions to the community and he will be dearly missed.”

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