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North Colonie Kids Care Recipient sets an example of service

| September 25, 2017

Shaker high school senior Kelly Fitzpatrick

Meet 12th grade Shaker High School student, Kelly Fitzpatrick; “North Colonie Kids Care” September 2017 feature.

Ever since she was a freshman at Shaker High, Kelly Fitzpatrick has made it her mission to serve as a part of the Student Representative Committee in Student Government. Now in her senior year, Kelly is serving her fourth year on the committee as well as her third year leading it.

So what does it mean to lead the Student Representative Committee? Well, not only has Kelly attended almost every single Board of Education, Budget, Capital Project and Shaker High PTSA meeting since she was a sophomore, she also takes the opportunity to get other Shaker High students involved at these meetings.

And that is one of the many reasons why Deputy Superintendent Kathy Skeals nominated Kelly Fitzpatrick for the North Colonie Kids Care program.

“I’ve always been interested in the behind the scenes look at our school,” said Fitzpatrick. “It gives you a sense of pride for all of the opportunities we’re offered and what goes in to making them possible.”

She believes that serving on the committee even just as a representative gives Shaker students the chance to interact with the Administration and experience things that they might not anywhere else.

On top of serving as the committee leader, Fitzpatrick is involved in three sports (field hockey, indoor track and outdoor track), serves as the president of Interact Club and Student Organized Service, is a member of Key Club, and has a heavy loaded course schedule.

“It’s helped me perfect my time management,” said Fitzpatrick. “There’s really not any time for me to procrastinate and put things aside. I just do what I need to do when I need to do them.”

To Fitpatrick, the relationships she has formed with Skeals, Superintendent Corr and many of the Board members has been the best and most rewarding outcome of her time serving on the committee.

“Her involvement has really made an impression on us,” said Skeals. “She has presented herself as an intelligent and professional young woman over the last few years, and has given many of her peers the opportunity and the platform to do the same.”

When it comes to her hope for the upcoming year, Fitzpatrick says she plans to get even more students involved.

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