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North Colonie hosts 12th annual Math Experience Day

| December 14, 2015
Team 4, the winner of the 12th annual Math Experience Day.

Team 4, the winner of the 12th annual Math Experience Day.

Math Experience Day.13 teams of elementary students districtwide participated in the 12th annual “Math Experience Day,” hosted by North Colonie for its sixth grade Alternate Math students. Professor Jim Matthews, from Siena College was this year’s guest leader, presenting complex math problems the students had to tackle. When students arrived, they were challenged right away, instructed to find tables with signs like “square root of 121” or “4 1/3 + 7 2/3” to find out who they would be teamed up with for the day.

Math Experience Day.






During the event, North Colonie’s K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist, Gary Cimorelli, kept a steady record of the ongoing results, periodically posting them on the big screen. Professor Matthews was in charge of explaining the solutions to the problems before presenting the next puzzler. In the end, Team 4, made up of five students who didn’t know each other previously, won the event and were presented with pins. Besides the challenge of high-level math, the students had the opportunity to meet their fellow classmates from other elementary schools and work collaboratively. The annual Math Experience Day is organized by the district’s Alternate Math teachers.

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