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North Colonie CSD Now Offering Free Diagnostic COVID Testing for Symptomatic Students & Staff

| November 4, 2021

The North Colonie Central School District is providing free diagnostic COVID testing for symptomatic students and staff. As we are heading into cold and flu season, it is likely that your child(ren) will present with one or more COVID-like symptoms in the future (i.e. cough, runny nose, etc.). Through a partnership with Quadrant Biosciences, the District is using the Clarifi COVID-19 test (PCR) , which is currently the most sensitive saliva test on the market. Test results are typically available within 48 hours.

We believe that the addition of this free testing program will greatly benefit the families of North Colonie and will enable our students to return to in-person instruction as quickly as possible.

North Colonie’s COVID-19 Testing Clinic

Days & Hours of Operation

Sunday – Saturday at the North Colonie CSD District Office (Goodrich building)/*By appointment only*

91 Fiddlers Lane, Latham (Check in at the window near the blue and white Covid testing sign)

Monday – Friday – 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. / Saturday & Sunday – 10 a.m. 1 p.m.

Steps to Follow

STEP ONE: Visit North Colonie’s COVID-19 Testing Clinic Website – CLICK HERE

STEP TWO: Register Your Child(ren)

STEP THREE: Make an Appointment

STEP FOUR: Visit North Colonie CSD’s COVID Testing Clinic

STEP FIVE: Results

Test results are typically available within 48 hours. Parents will receive an email notification when results are available.

If the test result is “Reflex Negative,” this indicates a negative test result and your child can return to school provided they have met the other criteria in the “Return to School” guidance document.

If the result is “Reflex Positive”, this is a positive test result and your child must follow the appropriate procedures for a positive COVID test result.

***Please do not send/return your child(ren) to school without first communicating with District nursing personnel.***

About the Test

The test involves a very simple and painless saliva swab that a student can easily self-administer.

Please note: Do not eat or drink,, brush teeth or use mouthwash 30 minutes prior to testing.

Watch a quick video of that shows the testing procedure.



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