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North Colonie Announces COVID-19 Testing Program

| September 27, 2021

North Colonie Central School District has been working diligently to develop a COVID-19 Plan that helps ensure a safe environment for our students and staff this school year. As part of this plan, we have partnered with the Albany County Department of Health, Quadrant Biosciences and SUNY Upstate Medical University to incorporate their Clarifi COVID-19 testing program. This free test is open to all asymptomatic students on a voluntary basis, regardless of vaccination status.


Why should I have my child(ren) tested?

Regular testing for COVID, especially among unvaccinated people, is a frontline defense against the asymptomatic spread of COVID and its emerging variants.


The Test

The Clarifi COVID-19 Test is currently the most sensitive saliva test on the market, and has been administered over two million times to K-12 and college students in New York state. The test is simple and painless. It involves a mouth swab that students can easily self-administer.


The Testing Procedure

Testing will take place weekly at Shaker High School in the cafeteria. Our first tentative date is Saturday, Oct. 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm. 


How to Participate

You must first create an account at (Note: You can register multiple children under one account.)



Samples will be sent to Quadrant’s lab to be analyzed. Results will be returned within 24-48 hours and will be available on the app and via email.

For more information about the Clarifi COVID-19 testing program, visit North Colonie’s COVID-19 page.


We hope you will consider having your child participate in this important testing program. The health and safety of the entire North Colonie School Community are our highest priorities.


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