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New walking path for students between SHS, SJHS to open in December as construction continues

| November 27, 2018

a diagram showing the new walking path for students between SHS and SJHSStarting in December, we will begin a new phase of construction on the area between the Shaker High School and Shaker Junior High School campuses. During this construction, students will need to take a new walking path around the construction area. This new path was developed to maintain student safety during construction, and fencing will separate the construction area from the path.

As seen in the picture above, students will now need to walk along the side of Shaker Junior High School to the new path, around the construction area, and down Shaker High School to the front of that building. The current path will not be accessible to student foot traffic.

The new path will be plowed during snowfall, and will be made of crushed stone so students will not be walking on muddy ground. The Junior High School and High School are coordinating with teachers to work with the extra time students will need to travel between buildings.

The restrictions will be in place starting in December, and it is anticipated that a new path will be completed by May.

All current restrictions for walking paths on campus remain in effect until further notice.

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