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Mental health clinic available to students

| August 7, 2019

All students now have a new option for mental health services operating within the halls of Shaker High School. A mental health clinic, approved by voters last May, is now up and running in partnership with Capital Region BOCES and Northern Rivers Family Services.

David Rossetti, LCSW-R, the Chief Officer of Behavioral Health Sciences for Northern Rivers Family Services, says the clinic will enroll 25 students who will be able to have mental health sessions during the school day. “Students no longer need to travel outside the district for mental health appointments. Instead, they can go to the clinic at Shaker High School,” said Mr. Rossetti. He also said parents will be able to attend the sessions.

The in-house clinic benefits not only students, but also their parents. Having the clinic in a school building provides a more comfortable environment for students and their parents. The in-house clinic will also help de-stigmatize the idea of mental health care, integrating mental health awareness into our school’s educational program.

Mr. Rossetti stressed the mental health clinic is not a replacement for special education services, counselors or social workers. Instead, the clinic provides supplemental services for students, increasing access to a greater range of mental health services within the district.

Mr. Rossetti thanked Superintendent Corr for his assistance in getting the clinic off the ground and the voters for approving it last May. If students or families are interested in the services provided by the mental health clinic, they should call a Northern Rivers specialist at 518-426-2687.

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