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Math Experience Day

| December 14, 2016
Mr. Matthews and Team One

Jim Matthews, professor from Siena College, pictured with the winning team. Click here for more photos of the event.

The annual sixth grade Math Experience Day was held Dec. 7 at Latham Ridge. Students from all six elementary schools were mixed between 15 teams with five or six students per team. They worked on group problems that varied in difficulty; some problems allowed for three minutes to solve, while others allowed for up to 30 minutes. Team One finished just ahead of two other teams to win the day! Jim Matthews, professor from Siena College, served as the emcee of the event.


Team One


Dominic Aquino

Forts Ferry

Josh Blake

Blue Creek

Mikaela Tahoe

Boght Hills

Shashank Sekhar

Latham Ridge

Ani Gregori Asadourian


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