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Math Club cleans up for Earth Day

| May 11, 2016

“The Grade 3 Math Club at Latham Ridge loves math and the Earth we live.”

Math Club students pick up trash during Earth Day clean up

Latham Ridge Math Club students clean up school grounds in honor of Earth Day.

On a walk to find math in nature, Math Club students noticed a lot of garbage around the playground and on the edge of the woods nearby. Several students asked club adviser Mr. Harrower if they could return on Earth Day, April 22, to clean up all the trash. With the custodian’s help, the student put on gloves and went to collect the unsightly trash, place it in two giant garbage bags and then put it in the dumpster.

Students reflect on Earth Day cleanup

“I felt good about myself” said Olivia V.

“I was amazed at how much garbage we got out of the woods” said Makayla.

Dominic R. smiled ear to ear as he carried old cushions and bottles. “I feel great,” he said.

The group plans to take care of the Earth from now on. Well done Math Club!

Article submitted by Mr. Harrower and math club students Makayla, April, and Olivia V.

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