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March Students of the Month

| March 28, 2016
Student First Student Last Course Teacher Counselor Grade
Osamah Alturki Global History 9 Ms. Stupp Mrs. Russell 9
Max  Bush Accounting 1 Mrs. Frisone Ms. Larkin 11
Drew Califano Regents Earth Science Mrs. Kowalski Mrs. Russell 10
Quentin Clark Global History and Geography Mr. Jackson Ms. Larkin 9
Meghan Conboy Child Development (HVCC) Mrs. Bourdeau Ms. Larkin 12
Nicholas Contois Music Theory II Mrs. Slater-Suzuki Ms. Larkin 10
Karrington Eagan Global History 9 Mr. Massie Ms. Larkin 9
Saima Fatima Housing and Interior Design Mrs. Bourdeau Ms. Larkin 9
Kelly Fitzpartick Algebra 2/Trigonometry H Mrs. Gibson Ms. Larkin 10
Rebecca Hyatt Algebra 2/Trigonometry H Mrs. Gibson Mr. Collins 10
Huiwen Miao Principles of Engineering Mr. Smith Ms. Galarneau 11
Brianna Morris Architectural Drawing 2 Mr. Smith Ms. Galarneau 9
Julianna Pollicino Chorus Mrs. Amedio and Mr. Thomas Mrs. Anderson 11
Caroline Pustay Algebra 2/Trigonometry  Mrs. Meidenbauer Mrs. Anderson 10
Ngwe Pyu Net Sports Fitness Mr. Stadtlander Mrs. Anderson 11
Anthony Rivage Economics 12 Mr. Fountain Mrs. Anderson 12
Chae Young (Clara) Seo Latin 3 Ms. Pagnotta Mrs. Anderson 11
Gurzeshan Singh Introduction to Business Mrs. Frisone Mrs. Anderson 10
Victoria Spychalski US History and Government Mrs. Butry Mrs. Anderson 11
Dorothy Wernick Health Mrs. Bogert Ms. Hayes 10
Caitlin Wood Lifeguarding Mr. Stadtlander Ms. Hayes 10
In Young Yang Spanish 1R Mrs. Mattice Ms. Hayes 9

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