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International exhibit on display at Shaker High School

| April 1, 2015
The White Rose exhibit on display at Shaker High School.

The White Rose exhibit on display at Shaker High School.

An international exhibit that travels throughout the United States and Germany is on display at Shaker High School in the art gallery. “The White Rose exhibit” is a powerful story of a group of college students who were attending the University of Munich during World War II. The students, dissatisfied with Hitler and his oppression, composed a total of six leaflets that drew attention to the atrocities. After the sixth leaflet, the students were arrested, interrogated, tried, and executed within six days. The White Rose exhibit commemorates the non-violent resistance movement.

“These are historical figures who are heroes in Germany,” said Shaker High School English teacher, Thea MacFawn. “There is this sense from our students of wanting to know more about these people, who in the face of incredible danger were willing to put themselves at risk to help raise a flag of concern to help prevent atrocities.”

One of the most powerful things for high school students is that these people were students,” added Shaker High School German teacher, Brenna Muldoon. “My hope is that the take away from the exhibit is to stand up for your own beliefs. It doesn’t have to be on this grand scale.”

Brenna Muldoon, Galina Kats, Anne Manzella, Thea MacFawn, Dan Weaver, Kelly Wetherbee, and several Shaker students contributed to the installation of the exhibit, which will be on display through April 17. There will be an official viewing on April 15 at 6:00 p.m., prior to Shaker High School’s Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony.

Click here for a video produced by Shaker senior, Samuel Lund, and several other students, advertising the White Rose Exhibit’s presence in the high school.

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